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  1. Hi welcome from another female also from Tarleton. Hope the Wind isnt too bad tonorrow as we have family coming up from Oxford area in the morning
  2. not leaving the house again this evening the lampost behind the house has been swaying for a while. partner just got home from preston the car was being blown around most of the way home take care everyone only filled 2 flasks as that is all I have!!
  3. from another forum Wind has died down a little in Devon atm.However,just had the garden turn white in seconds from an unexpected hail storm,followed by a huge flash of lightening and simultaneous giant (in a house shock 'wtf',cover your ears) bang of bloody thunder.Only one lot though!
  4. tornado reported in county Roscommon at 2.35pm !! http://www.theguardian.com/news/blog/2014/feb/12/flood-crisis-gales-and-more-heavy-rain-forecast-live-updates
  5. Hailstones at cedar farm in mawdesley @ 1.30. In ormskirk now and its sunny
  6. just found this on another forum http://meteocentre.com/lightning/map_sfuk.php?date=0&data=zeus&type=strikesāŒ©=en&map=Europe&size=standard
  7. try this Open loft door + let the heat go into roof space. Makes rest of the house a few degrees cooler
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