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  1. Wow, big flakes and lots of ‘em all of a sudden here in Winterborne Kingston.
  2. Thanks. I’m very much hoping it’ll be as you say, it’d be great if we can enjoy the snow together tomorrow and then get away without too many problems on Monday.
  3. I’d usually be dead excited about this, and to some extent I still am, but we’re supposed to be travelling off on holiday to Minehead from our village near blandford on Monday. Our daughter is going to have a very difficult time if we have to delay our trip. She is on the autism spectrum, and would find any delay very difficult to cope with.
  4. OK, I take it back. The snow is covered in a layer of ice which is very hard to walk on (this is reported by my wife and daughter). I assumed we had not had the freezing rain, as our windows are ice free unlike may of the pictures I have seen in here.
  5. Wow, take care all you folk who have had the freezing rain. I haven't been outside to investigate yet, but thankfully we appear to have missed the freezing rain here in Winterborne Kingston, but it seems this must only just be the case as I know that people not too far away (e.g. Wareham) have had it. Would it have been mainly a coastal phenomenon? It looks to me as though we may have had a bit more snow overnight as I can't see out footprints this morning, and all the snow is still there. It was a sort of sleet/ice pellets when I went to bed. I haven't seen any mention of it, but I
  6. @divadee - yes, thanks! Just got in. Though I will be working at home. At least I can follow the thread here alongside my work.
  7. Hmmm... I work at the University too. They may not have made up their minds yet, often they don't decide whether to open until about 7:30 or so in this situation. I think we will be open though. Its a bit of a pain as I live between Blandford and Beer Regis, and the weather forecast has a lot more snow for us than B'mth so I am likely at some point to have to make a call on whether to head back home, based on my wife's advice. There is some snow here now but not enough to prevent travel last time I looked.
  8. A little bit of light snow here in Winterborne Kingston, much to my daughters excitement.
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