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  1. If you live in a flat or maisonette, tell your neighbours you are working. I'm in a first floor maisonette and have 2 dogs, and my 4 year old grandson here some days too. This equals noise on and off. My lovely neighbour below me is working from home 10am to 7pm both on the phone & emails. I only know this because I asked her. So dogs and grandson use living room at the front, she works in her back bedroom. If you're trying to work and noise is distracting or annoying do mention it.
  2. See! knew you guys could find better charts for my holiday ?
  3. You couldn't find a chart that brings it forward to the 13th could you? Arrive at Centreparcs Longleat on the 13th and leave on the 17th. The last 3 years we've had non stop drizzle, or grey skies and nippy and last year came back from Elveden on the glorious Friday 4th May (after a naff few days there) that had office workers leaving early for the bank holiday and took me 4 hours to get home rather than less than 2. Most miffed.
  4. About a mile or so away but nearest gauge to me at Catford ( http://weather.lgfl.org.uk/map.aspx?view=london ) says 34mm and it feels like it. That's a lot of rain, my poor plants, but at least the pond has been topped up. TWO have released early autumn/winter thoughts; http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/twoother/latest.aspx?id=UK+autumn+and+winter+2014%2f15+weather And these guys who ever they are...... http://www.ukweatherforecast.co.uk/uk-winter-201415-weather-forecast-predictions/
  5. At least there shouldn't be any queues!Feel sorry for anyone who's organised an event today, it takes a lot of time and often given free by volunteers to get something organised. Word for the day.....Yuck! No excuse not to catch up on the ironing and housework today.
  6. Thank you, that's a great idea I made one of those at college many moons ago. I'm going to make a mini one next year. Beautiful morning here, shame it's only 10c, but at least it's sunny
  7. Show off! I know how to grow them, I just wanted to see if I could without a greenhouse and a shadyish south facing garden. I have a £1 bet with hubby that I could. I'll do it next year, I've found a better spot and I'll keep the cover on more often. I do like a challenge. I use this site to get outside temps, does anyone know if it's reliable? http://weather.lgfl.org.uk/map.aspx?view=london
  8. Looking daggers at me for growing them outside in the cold. Plenty of flowers but no fruit yet and I think it's too late this year now, so hubby may have won the bet. But there's always next year Are there any autumn forecasts out yet? I've not been able to find any.
  9. Yep and it dumped it's rain on what was, a sunny Sydenham. 15c wearing a fleece and picking blackberries in my garden in the rain. Feels very autumnal for August. I hope there's an Indian summer to look forward to as I'm not ready for wet and windy weather yet.
  10. Hi Lassie Yes I'm fine and pleased 'real life' has calmed down now and I can get back to other important things......like the weather and here! Thank you very much JP for the update. We're all grateful as every I'm sure. I'll advise my son to make Wednesday a 'not to far from tent' type day and after that they'll just have to make the best of it. It's looking nice for them for the next couple of days so that's something I guess.
  11. Evening all. My first quiet and relaxing hour for weeks so I thought I'd pop in to see if the weather is going to be nice for my son and friends who are camping next week and what do I read.........a storm coming! They're off to Epping Forest so I hope it isn't near there at least. And my outside watermelon has it's 1st male flowers out, so the female ones should be out soon and I'll be gutted if they're ruined. I'll have to put a plastic cover over them. Is a storm likely?
  12. 28c in my living room and bedroom. It's going to be a difficult night to sleep again. I'd love a really good storm right now, it would clear the air and drop the temp a bit. But on a positive note my watermelon plant is happy and finally putting on some good growth. Just need it to flower asap so I win my bet with Mr Tadpole, but I do have a great butternut squash crop this year, that's much better than last year.
  13. Loads of thunder and lightening here, and tipping down. Stuck it out in the shed for a while then made a run for it.
  14. Thunder and wet here again today. I'd appreciate it if it could dry out 11am-1pm as I will be out in it otherwise.
  15. Rain and distant T & L here, mum said it looks good coming over the channel from France. She may be old and disabled but she's always loved a storm.
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