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  1. This has been brilliant. Snowed off but mostly on all day. Love it when the wind whips it all up. Here's a picture of the Tweed freezing...
  2. Normally so annoying when you wake in the middle of the night for a pee but awesome tonight! The snow is coming in sideways. Had 12inches at 8pm (near Peebles). Earlier tyre tracks are covered on the road so I'm thinking there must be a few more inches already. Don't want to be the mad neighbour out at 4.30am measuring so will have to wait until the morning to update. Family arrived from Belfast yesterday a good few hours before M80 became blocked, they're amazed with the snow. Unfortunately, husband stayed in Edinburgh as needs to be in work, hopefully he'll.get home on Fri! -I'm a lurker normally but it's been brilliant past few weeks reading everyone getting excited and then now the snow has arrived reading all the posts!
  3. Hi everyone, delurking for winter coming up although I've been in and out during the year. We've just had a massive rumble of thunder here in the Borders near Peebles.
  4. Good choice Catchmydrift - although a hard one! I got stuck in the snow in Auchendinny last night with three kids under 10 in the car. A nice lady invited us to her house and gave us tea and toast. Didn't make it home again, ended up driving back to Edinburgh hours later and staying there. Someone said further up the thread about there being bad snow in areas of Penicuik, I had to turn round at Howgate and the snow there was a good 4 or 5 inches at 5pm.
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