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  1. Well that's disappointing.... Not a single flake fell last night. Guess the weather warning were spot on
  2. We've been right on the edge of all the yellow/amber warnings but we've done quite well. Expectations were low though. I have a feeling this next band will swing west before it really reaches us. Fingers crossed for you all.
  3. Yep, its very light and not settling...yet. Temp is 0.4 and DP -0.3
  4. Definitely snow here in Kempston, it just very light...
  5. I think its starting to snow here, i can see a light from the office window, its either big drips of water or snow.....very very light though.
  6. Winds now swinging down from the north, temps and DP's falling accordingly (1.8 and 1.0). Not much in the way of precipitation at the moment.
  7. Temp and DP holding at around 2.3 and 1.5 respectively (Ampthill weather station) I get the impression that Milton Keynes and Bedford are right on the cusp for getting snow. If we're going to see anything then it will be from around 17:00 onwards.
  8. Ampthill weather station now show Temp 2.6 DP 1.7
  9. Not entirely sure how that missed us, storms to the north and storms to the south, now it all seems to be moving East
  10. Kinda gutted with this setup, I've been waiting years for a proper plume to hit, unfortunately i'm driving down to Spain tomorrow, looks as though i'll just miss all the action in the UK and France. Oh well, hopefully everyone will get a bit.
  11. It’s gone eerily quiet here, no rain or wind, just the odd distant rumble. The atmosphere feels electric.
  12. BOOM! Lightning must have just hit across the road from me! That woke everyone up!
  13. Started raining here, its starting to look like things might kick off soon....