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  1. Safe bet - follow the MetO warning zone guidance. They're right more than they are wrong. Access to better models than we have...
  2. HIRLAM and ARPEGE looking quite nice to be fair for majority of midlands for tomorrow.
  3. Yeah zero sign of any snow in Leicester. On the positive side, I saw three 1mm size flakes on the way to work which means I have, technically atleast, seen it snow in leicester this year ?
  4. Same. It's funny sat in the office at work with all the plebs chatting utter crap about the weather. I have to really resist the urge to correct them all the time.
  5. Not sad! that is why we're all here. Nature is always better than watching the utter crap on TV. Fingers crossed for our area and other midlanders.
  6. Why delay what you can do right away ? ? On a serious note, forecast is unlikely to be wrong at this timeframe. Anyone outside of south midlands is unlikely to get much if any snow. It's still worth keeping an eye out of the window and fingers crossed, forecasts can and will be wrong even in these modern times. But odds are it will be largely correct.
  7. As for your last sentence... i've been skiing every year for the past 15 years to the alps. 1 week each year. Do you know how many times I have seen it snow in those 15 weeks ? once, and about an inch. Every single week I choose to go, it's dry and sunny. Don't get me wrong it's nice to ski in the sun, but I want to see a massive dumping of snow atleast once in my life. I just got back from Les Arcs last week, and then the day after I got back they had 60cm of fresh snow fall. ? Even last year when they had a huge amount of snow and 3 meter high drifts, I still managed to choose the dry week ?
  8. Hopefully but I doubt they'd publish new warnings of the area and extent at this timeframe unless they were very sure. Probably just mild run to run variances of their internal models.
  9. Seems pretty much inline with the Hirlam for mid day to me.
  10. Varied quite a lot. I got about 6 or 7cms too, but 5 miles east of me was more like 10 to 15cm.
  11. Lol I remember that. MattStoke has similar look in his neck of the woods ? To be fair we're like 18 hours away. The chance of ICON, Arpege, Hirlam and ECM all being wrong at this stage is < 20%. Some people in southern midlands will do okay out of this though, a few centimeters perhaps.
  12. Yep tell me about it. On the plus side we get the dregs from most snow events as we're central. But like you said, we never get much from any event either. Most i've ever seen in my south Leicestershire area is about 7cm.
  13. Ah well what did we expect lol, it seems like we go from a nice event predicted to much of nothing in the 72 hour timeframe probably 90% of the time ? pretty used to it by now!
  14. Only got 1's and 2's over the Leicester area, so I don't think we are going to get anything other than a dusting from this. I do wonder if we will ever see a 30cm+ dumping in our area. Heck even 20cm+.
  15. Whelp... all hopes are now pinned on the GFS I guess....
  16. Kind of weird how Arpege and Hirlam go south and GFS and EURO4 go north.
  17. I'll whip out the Ouija board and bring you here in spirit. ?
  18. BBC is just MeteoGroup these days as far as i'm aware. I use their WeatherPro app and it does seem quite good. Would reccomend it.
  19. To be honest I was really referencing their warnings and written forecast, I ignore the Met Office app/symbols and they're nearly always complete junk.
  20. The Met Office forecast was most accurate IMO, unsurprisingly... I think Arpege/Hirlam both overdid the amount of snow when it fell as rain/sleet for the majority.
  21. I'm not an expert at all but last winter it seemed to be pretty good, very accurate on a few occasions. I regularly compared it's output to the radar scans. Seemed a bit better than Arpege atleast.
  22. Why can't Met Office post their high res models publicly, selfish buggers ? I do get why really. I'd just really like to have access to them..
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