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  1. Another 1 or 2cm overnight. I measured just short of 7cm on the sheltered table in my garden last night, so getting awfully close to 10cm by the end of today here now if the streamers keep up. And still snowing moderate heavy as I look out of the window... I can't ever remember beeing under a streamer for 24+ hours. I guess I have to thank the snow gods for once.
  2. Probably same for sheikhy as me. In areas that were out of the sun during the day and out of the wind there is 5 to 10cm. In areas exposed to the sun and wind there is only 1/2 or 1/4 of that.
  3. Snowing and settling nicely now the sun has gone. Got really lucky today, have been bang in line for the streamer all day. 5cm or so, maybe more towards 10cm in place. Varies by place depending on wind exposure.
  4. Must've had a few dozen snow showers today, moderate and even heavy at times, but it really has barely accumulated at all. Had more lieing snow at the start of the day. Nice to watch but im a bit dissapointed and confused as to how it failed to really settle beyond what we had overnight. Fingers crossed for some more tonight and tomorrow!
  5. Got about 1 to 2cm here now. Melting on the roads and roofs but accumulating elsewhere.
  6. Despite frequent showers, the snow is melting faster than it is settling.
  7. S Snow showers lining up with me for the first time in as long as I can remember not delivering much though. I still have a scarce centimetre.
  8. Moderate snow and some more intense showers actually aligned to hit me for once, almost can't believe it
  9. Snowing moderately here now, just starting to settle on the pavement, cars, rooftops etc
  10. Very light snow here in south Leicestershire
  11. Yes and isn't really due to start for 8 hours or so.
  12. I'd take that! Is Euro4 accurate or does it typically overdo it ?
  13. You know we've now jinxed it... they will go south of us
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