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  1. Much preferred that yellow grass, yellow is my favourite colour and it made for some great photos against the landscapes, moreover it fits the vibe of summer more, after all the grass is always green in the other 9 months and in normal summers. Also for walking in the countryside, dust<mud anyday. Back to boring nothingness from here on out. With that said no complaints about 2018 weather wise, 26th Feb-Last Tuesday was a truly fascinating period of weather.
  2. Least Favourites: August 2010 February 2011 July 2011 April 2012 June 2012 July 2012 October 2012 June 2016 September 2017
  3. January 2010 December 2010 April 2011 January 2013 July 2013 December 2015 March 2018 June 2018 July 2018
  4. I was born in 1993, so the only good August's I remember were from my childhood. In recent years the best months have been July (last month down here was superb) and occasionally June/September.
  5. August's are hopeless in this country, summer just seems to give up, even in a legendary summer such as this one. France in August is so much better, 31c in Paris on Thursday.
  6. Don't let nostalgia fool you, a quick look back of the stats from both 1995 and 1976 at London Heathrow & Gatwick Airport showcase that there were about 4 or 5 days in those summers that were sub 18c and raining during the day. This summer particularly because of the fantastic May still sits alongside those two summers at the moment. With that said, I'm really missing being able to be outside like on Monday & Tuesday, now this is only possible with a fleece which is never fun, and you can forget sitting outside when everything is so rain soaked.
  7. Now this is more the kind of rain I like, fast moving sharp showers with a thunder risk, gonna be fun watching these roll through.
  8. Well everyone has their different preferences and we must respect that. However I will never personally consider 30c for a few days with low humidity 'oppressive summer heat' that to me is a perfect summers day, but that is strictly my opinion. Either way this weather today is depressing and a reminder why I usually dislike summers in this country much, predictably no storms like always on Tuesday night but pointless drizzly rain which won't green up the grass much anyway. Looking forward to next week when I can go outside in the evening without being cold and do long hikes in the countryside. Visiting London's parks on Monday was awesome, felt like I was in Madrid with the 32c and yellow grass.
  9. Warmest spot in the country today I believe, although St James Park briefly reached 29C. Haven't experienced any summer like it in the UK, by this point in August even the legendary 2006 was faltering, and that didn't have a good May (apart from one day on the 4th May in 2006) compared to the fantastic May this year. even 1976 had a worse May than this.
  10. Definitely normal for most of Spain (last summer was hotter) but locally Babajoz hit an all time high as well as numerous locations in Portugal.
  11. How's Lisbon Blade? looks like it may have surpassed the 2003 record of 42.5C.
  12. Sagres was 34.6c at 8am! ok that is definately not normal!
  13. Beautiful morning outside, Summer '18 is truly back today. 26c already with cloudless skies.
  14. Portalegre 35c at midnight! http://www.meteociel.fr/temps-reel/obs_villes.php?code2=8571
  15. http://www.meteociel.fr/temps-reel/obs_villes.php?code2=8554&amp;jour2=2&amp;mois2=7&amp;annee2=2018
  16. 30c overnight in Faro, already 39c in Sevilla (11:00am).
  17. Major turnaround for how the summer has been thus far, with average highs running a couple of degrees below average in SW Spain and Portugal since March/April, now looking at extreme heat. Not convinced about 50c being hit, but Global Warming is a worry for Iberia, 47.3C was hit very easily last summer, 50c will be hit in Spain one day.
  18. Fully expecting on upgrade on forecasts for Monday/Tuesday, 30-32c certainly achievable on both days with thunder possibility later on Tuesday. Would be very shocked if 51c occured in Portugal but certainly 45c which is a massive shift from how summer has gone down there so far, Lisbon and Porto have been running well below average temperatures for a number of months.
  19. Its funny to see all of these threads popping up in a midst of a classic summer, but in my view August 2008 was even worse than June 2012, simply because at least June 2012 was interesting for the high amount of rainfall. August 2008 was just boring, I remember Street Viewing Australia just so I could see the sun haha.
  20. It was the ONLY good summer here during the 2007-2012 period, thanks to a hot end to June and the stormiest July of the last 10 years here, no month has come close since for storms. August was also one of the best of the bad Augusts we have had from 2004-2017
  21. Exciting times for heat fans. A real potential for a repeat of last Thursday to take place late this week and into next week, but with much hotter air over Spain and France, 36-37c possible in the London area if things stay as projected. Not sure I agree about the French record going as that was sustained over an exceptional summer (2003) but certainly 40-42c is possible with 45c in Spain. Still more runs needed until this can be concluded though.
  22. This, some people prefer more traditional British summers and others prefer more Mediterranean/Continental style summers, neither preference is technically better, it is merely just a preference, those ridiculing people for wanting t-shirt weather for a couple months a year are pathetic frankly.
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