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  1. We had heavy snow around 9.15pm alongside 2 very loud bangs of thunder and lightning that lit the whole room. Snow has left a thin covering. Can't remember the last time I heard thunder quite as loud as we had tonight
  2. We had heavy snow around 9.15pm alongside two very loud bangs if thunder and lightning that little whole room.
  3. Hope so! There's been lots west, east and north of me but looks like there's a storm shield around me at the moment hopefully i'll see something before the night is out! Sky keeps going black but we're just getting the heavy rain, seems like the edge of the storms!
  4. Matlock about to get battered looking at the lightning map! May go for a drive towards the west!
  5. Just had some rain big drops too. Feeling very oppressive now. Clouds have been towering for 2/3 hours
  6. Nottinghamshire mentioned on some posts - wayhay!!! Hoping to see something tomorrow, its been a fairly quiet year so far! Feeling pretty muggy here tonight
  7. Mad! Its still coming down heavy, hope we see a little something!
  8. Just began raining here, sky is looking pretty dark to my south/south west
  9. We've just had this too. What are our chances of seeing something decent??
  10. Just watching an amazing lightning show, no thunder just clouds lighting up
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