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  1. I know it's the Daily Mail and their weather stories are generally rubbish anyway but this is something else! Phew!


    Marco Petagna, a senior meteorologist at the Met Office, told MailOnline: 'Later this week we could see temperatures between 59C and 60C, which is above average for this time of year.

    'It will also become drier over the next couple of days, giving us a lot of fine weather over the coming week.'

    Although above average, temperatures will be nowhere near record-breaking. The highest ever recorded temperature for November was set in 2015, when on November 1 they reached 72.32C. 


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    2. lassie23


      is that the forecast for hell:diablo:

    3. karyo


      Yes, that sounds quite a bit above average! 😆

    4. Mokidugway


      That's good ,should resemble  death valley  on steroids around here this time next week 

  2. There's a chance of the all-time UK July record being broken today so I don't think it's unreasonable - this time - that the media are focussing on it. It's also been dry and very warm generally across Scotland - your own forecast shows 27C for today, which counts as heatwave conditions!
  3. Where exactly? We also have a tendency to believe that 'everyone else' always copes better than us. I doubt that there are many well-populated areas of the world where it's over 40C 'for months'. Where that does occur, you can be pretty sure that anyone who can afford it will have air-conditioning, which makes a huge difference. People die from the heat in India and Pakistan every year and this week this has also been happening in Japan, for example. In China, where I spend most of the time, 'high-temperature' warnings are issued when the temperature is forecast to exceed 35C. And, yes, people complain about the heat all the time in summer!
  4. Yep, still bits and pieces of snow in the forecasts (as well as rain) and probably a least a couple of frosty nights in most places this week. I don't think those drifts are going anywhere fast!
  5. I remember that happened a lot in 2010 as well, 101. Should be illegal! (Or maybe it already is?)
  6. Lots of snow still falling in Aberdeenshire and the northern Highlands by the look of things?
  7. Yep, convection looks like it's picking up again over the North Sea. It's not quite over yet!
  8. I think this happened in 1947 in parts of the West Highlands as well. The winter was so easterly-dominated that parts of the country that are usually among the wettest ended up bone dry by the spring!
  9. Activity moving north slightly? NE Fife was looking very 'red' a bit earlier but there seems to be more going on over Angus now.
  10. Looks like there's some more intense stuff building off the coast between Aberdeen and Dundee just now. Are you ready, Hawesy?
  11. Mm, I always thought -10 was 'safe', even right on the coast. Maybe not in late Feb/early March in an easterly breeze?
  12. Any bets on who will be the first to report falling snow? Am I right that eastern coastal areas may not be quite cold enough for snow initially? (It certainly won't be me - Beijing hasn't had any precipitation at all since late October!)
  13. Thanks, Norrance - that was it! Of course, 1978 and 1979 were also great and the snow lasted much longer. So, next week is it to be the BBC's 'light snow showers and breezy' or a three-day blizzard enveloping most of the east coast?
  14. I think a short-lived and almost-forgotten easterly some time in late January/early February 1980 also brought more than a foot of snow to Dundee in a couple of days. I remember walking to school on the Monday and there being virtually no traffic!
  15. If you want to see as much snow piling up as possible then it may be a worry - however, it could be very cloudy along the east coast, at least, anyway! If I were over there at the moment, I'd just be happy to have the chance to experience conditions that look like being very unusual for the UK.
  16. Chinese TV is saying Beijing's coldest week in 30 years is about to start - all a bit strange but must be related?
  17. Meanwhile, it's spring-like here in Beijing. Maximum temperature may reach 10C on Monday.
  18. In fact, much of China has been hit by an intense cold wave over the last few days although it's easing now. It also apparently snowed in Guangzhou for the first time in 60 years and it was close to freezing in Hong Kong. It was -17 here in Beijing on Saturday with a near gale-force wind - not pleasant at all!
  19. How the hell can a long-range forecast be 'last minute' (quote from Madden above)?
  20. Without beginning to discuss the other problems with this, it would be rather difficult for Patrick Moore to reveal anything at the moment ...
  21. Hilarious! 'How can they say it was the warmest November on record? Look at all these months that were warmer!' Er, yes, but at least one of those that you pointed out is not a November - being at the beginning of the year kind of gives it away - and one of the others clearly had a lower anomaly than November this year, even though it was warm compared to months immediately before and after it.
  22. Thanks for that BFTV - I hadn't realised about the time lag. Certainly a big jump in the temperature anomaly from previous months ... is it just a blip?
  23. And on what basis do we/they make such judgements - except based on data sets such as this?
  24. The NOAA figures for November are out and the anomaly for November is a huge 0.78C. That makes it the warmest November in the series and by my reckoning the sixth warmest (relative to its own average) of any month in the series. The anomaly for the year is now 0.62C. Another 0.62C in December would probably make 2013 the fifth warmest year on record. Something around 0.86C would be needed to put into third place.
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