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  1. Well, I’ve got snow coming down and it is pitching so I’m thrilled! Been a long wait.
  2. Guys and gals - I need cheering up. A few flakes in the air and bright sunshine is all I’ve had near Padstow ?. Hoping tomorrow might fare a bit better. Have had to come on here and view your snow pics instead!
  3. Thunder and lightning here - still some way off but looks to be more on the way judging by the radar
  4. Lovely 10 minute burst of distant thunder here from the cell located off the north Cornish coast. No visible lightning but interesting to watch nonetheless. Quite slow moving by the looks of it. South coast looks exciting at the moment too.
  5. Some impressive cg lightning - more than blizortung is showing. Storm appear to be trundling up over Newquay and along the coast to me. Getting darker as I type! Sky certainly looks full of fun for the next few minutes!
  6. I can hear thunder now - looks to have got quite interesting on the radar down our way!
  7. Have just had a few rumbles and cg from a cell just out to sea - looks to be trundling up the coast. Can be seen quite well on the radar. First storm of the year!
  8. Distant rumble just now and the lights dimmed - certainly is varied this weather we're having!
  9. Yes there's a particularly potent lump of mayhem on its way judging by the radar. Feels considerably cooler tonight. I reckon The Beast will have a bit more tonight...
  10. Grumble of thunder just now - looks like some beefy showers trundling up the north coast towards the Bristol channel. More rain
  11. Starting to rev up around these parts too - lights flickering intermittently. Miraculously my rain gauge has spluttered back into life so might get some idea of rainfall for the first time this winter! Will be interesting to see what the beach looks like tomorrow.
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