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  1. Massive dry air influx whilst going through eye wall replacement.
  2. Earthquake hits Greek island WWW.BBC.CO.UK The quake had a magnitude of 5.8 according to the National Observatory of Athens.
  3. https://twitter.com/paytonmalonewx/status/1442445645751619589?s=20
  4. The volcano had a brief lull today, stopping the worst of its emissions and noise for a period. This seemed to happen at the same time as increased seismic activity in the south of the Island near Fuencaliente, although 10km deep!.
  5. Night time footage from La Palma , shows how fast the lava is flowing from new vent.
  6. Back to Iceland, a very good drone footage of the stalled eruption. Who knows what comes next, has the Canaries taken the Magma? It will no doubt start again however, previous volcanoes in this area have become 10 times as large.
  7. This noise must be similar to living near a RAF airbase in 1983 with Vulcan bombers taking off in series.
  8. You will not get much better coverage of the eruption than from the Spanish Geological and Mineral Institute. They had several drones up earlier, the debris being emitted must make these quite vulnerable.
  9. It seemed to be a glorious day outside, but I was stuck in the boat shed painting. Nipped to Screwfix just before 6 and was amazed by this wall of cloud to the South, it's still there now .
  10. Already on S, and this one has quite a wide field of play in its forward progress. It will definitely become a major hurricane, whether this affects the Leewards, or Bermuda..... Or indeed takes the Southern lean and hits Florida!!
  11. It was mooted about 10 days ago that the extra tropical Low of Typhoon Chanthu would force a wave across the Northern Hemisphere, pushing down through the States and creating a large block conducive to lower latitude travel Low pressure storms. This wave is crossing USA today.
  12. Quite funny how the NHC is keeping itself amused at present, its Poorly Organised Pete turns North and Disorganised Rose Moves NW. Meanwhile, yet to be named Sam looks menacing.
  13. Moving steadily towards the sea....amazing how building on a little rise has saved some houses
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