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  1. Got a good feeling about this winter. Not a great drive to work though.
  2. Looks like I slept through the best bits. Was white at 4:05 but my eyes don’t work properly at that time to take pics. This is what’s left this morning.
  3. Sneaked me into it as well. Oh well, better luck next time!
  4. Nah. Originally from Killie then moved to Darvel to avoid the KSS ( Killie Snow Shield )
  5. Warnings out and I'm not in them. So looking good for me!
  6. The sunset tonight was a bit of a strange one too. The sun was poking through the back end of the rain band that went through.
  7. With the wind it really doesn't feel that warm.
  8. Prestwick Airport just recorded 30 Deg. Don't see that too often.
  9. Prestwick RNAS (which I think is official) got 29.7Deg 2 mins ago. Its a 2min drive from here.
  10. Commenting on here outside of winter is out of character for me but I just had to stop my car dead in the middle of the road in a residential street as I couldn’t see a foot in front due to hail. I’ve been through two hurricanes in Florida and various thunderstorms over there and this was honestly the worst I’ve seen. What’s going on?
  11. Fairly cold and strangely large hail here right now for UK and in May bit mental.
  12. Pelting it doon here now. Happy I got garage door down and back inside with hot bag.
  13. Had a garage door issue which resulted in me being out there trying to fix it for about 2 hrs. We have had hail snow and thunder and lightning. Could have done without it tbh. White outside now. More incoming maybe. At least I got the door down.
  14. Had a covering earlier but was too early to get both eyes open to operate phone for a pic. Now raining. Pretty poor for March. Normally delivers at some point.
  15. Wee puppy's face dropped this morning when I took her out and the snow was mostly gone. Hopefully get some more soon.
  16. Just out of interest what does the red heart flag thingy mean when it appears on posts?
  17. Not sure how this will look posted on here. Will give it a go. Spot the doggy!
  18. Snow went off. Now back on. Pic from front door. Ignore blurry dog. Fancy phone camera and I still can’t take a photo of our dog!
  19. Well this is a surprise. Any gaps in old cover gone. Even lying on main road.
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