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  1. @Catacol..... A very sobering read. Thank you for your informative time and effort. I would personally be happy with a break from all the wind and rain. But the weather is, what the weather is. If we cannot get something wintery, then I would rather a dry high. Usable weather for those working outdoors. But such is life..
  2. Would that not allow the low to sink south and then bring on an easterly flow?
  3. Hello Steve. Thanks for posting. Just a quick question from me. What are the 850s temps for that timeframe please? I only ask as the best falls in recent history barring 2010, for my area (Portsmouth) have come from a windflow coming off of a frigid continent. And would the continent have cooled enough in time in your opinion?
  4. There is some really learned folk in here... You just have to filter though the hype.... If you hang around often enough, you will see who they are.
  5. It's what makes this forum so great. If you can detach yourself from the dramatics and toy trowing when it usually doesn't go to plan, then you can enjoy an educated thread...
  6. Thanks Nick.. Your ramblings on the most part are informative, so thank you. I find it truly fascinating how the weather around the other side of the globe can effect out small part of it.
  7. Hello Nick, would the timing of the MJO moving into phase 7 effect the end result of the forecast stratospheric warming event that Steve highlighted. For example, entering phase 7 a day before or a day or two after the ssw? Cheers in advance.
  8. Hello Luke. My (very) limited knowledge on sudden stratospheric warmings (ssw), is that it turns our mean westerly wind direction to a (negative) easterly wind direction. It makes cold weather more likely, but in no way is it a guarantee for cold over the British Isle's. Let alone a signal for snow. My understanding is that most of our notable wintery spells in the past have happened a couple of weeks after the warming commences. Something to maybe watch, but not to get excited about..... Yet.
  9. Some good and clear posts this morning. To all those who have contributed to this forum with good explanation's of what they mean, Thank you.
  10. fat chad

    Model Output Discussions 06z 04/11/16

    Patience fella.... It's the end of November...
  11. fat chad

    Model Output Discussions 06z 04/11/16

    Hello Malcolm and welcome to the forum. My basic grasp of how ex hurricanes effect the weather in the Atlantic is that they pump up warm air pole wards (WAA). It's best for cold lovers, the WAA going up towards Greenland. Other members who are far far more knowledgeable than myself and they will correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that ex hurricanes and tropical storms hitch a ride on the jet stream and the storm direction and eventual landfall depends on where the jet stream is. Not actually effecting the jet stream itself. Well that's my take on thing's... Be nice to me gang if I am wrong...
  12. Could this calm August/ September weather be anything to do with the very low sunspot count?? I know some say it has fog all to do with things, but considering it controls all of our climate, could it affect the way that the jet stream kicks in our direction??? Don't have a go.... Genuine question.. Thanks.
  13. I for one am now hoping for nice warm and pleasant sunny days from now until autumn... None the less, the effort and time you have recently put into your posts truly make my visits to this great forum well worth the time. Great post fella..
  14. As we are about to enter spring, I couldn't care less about cold unless the kids can make snowmen, which is rather unlikely this time of year in my location... Looking forward to our first taste of spring as winter never really started down my way... Even though there were a few frosts inland...... Stuff the cold, I want summer..