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    North Cumbria 160m asl overlooking the Solway coast.
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    Skiing, mountain biking and mountains
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    Seasonally appropriate. Snow - not greedy - good above 1,500' fine
  1. Heavy snow about 30mins ago, progressively lighter and trailing edge of blue sky coming into view. Nice to have flakes instead of hail / graupel for the first time this winter. Feels a bit more wintry.
  2. Is it time to wake up again? Gone south from Stirling - joys of the being the mobile flexable workforce - but I can still see Scotland from here. The view is good and snowy over on the hills from Wigton Bay up and through the Galloway forest. Further east Criffel is bare and out west the Isle of Man looked white so I'm assuming it was on the same track as the Galloway snow. Havent braved the model forum yet or the quest for Cheshire low snow that is the NW thread. Thought I'd start easy - wasn't it a cracking summer, think I got one of the best 12 months weather for a while.
  3. More cloudy day here, even tried to rain - a whole three spots. Trying to remember when I last experienced a long dry spell in July.
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