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  1. If I were to go for a drive to see some decent snow from stoke, where should I go?
  2. A quick pic from my sister in law in Barry near Cardiff. Only started properly at 5pm!
  3. Sorry I wasnt suggesting that the met office were wrong as some places have seen damage etc I was only saying how the media have hyped this storm up so much and now look a bit silly. Didnt mean to upset anyone!
  4. Mega storm my weeble. Its sunny and a slight breeze here in crystal palace! Never seen such hype over a non event :/ I was expecting more I have to say after the media hyped it up so much. I see people have had damage etc but doesnt seem as bad as it was forcast to be or is it just me? Made me laugh watching the bbc news as a man in dover stood in the sun with no wind tries to say how horrendous it is!
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