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  1. Ah! Starting to pick up now after squally shower. Nothing exceptional yet, we get more up here in summer! .
  2. Still no noticeable wind here in Invergordon. Trees and shrubs are barely moving. BBC weather app says gusts of 48h now., but more like 10 at present. All I can say is that it may strike very suddenly. Is this happening anywhere e”she?
  3. Where is the storm? It is dead calm and not raining here now here in Invergordon! Is this all hype or do I live in a climate bubble? Probably regret this post later as my roof blows off! TBH I rather suspected this would happen here as we usually miss out on severe weather here due to our sheltered location from Atlantic weather.
  4. 3.9 for me please. Cold zonal Atlantic weather with no chance of an easterly- absolutely no chance!
  5. Dry and mild. HP in wrong place. Bartletts galore! 6.5 for me.
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