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  1. we've been under a tornado watch for most of the night, but luckily nothing. had a few bits of semi hard rain. but nothing major.... the tornadoes they had in louisiana were bad. worse than the one here. i think the last news report i saw was 7 in like 3 hours or something like that.
  2. hey guys... Sorry to hijack the thread (in a way - not sure if there's another thread about this), xmas day for me is now called TWISTMAS!! Had a F2 tornado come traight over the top of daytona beach airport here in florida, it annihalated Embry Riddle Aeronautical Uni's flight line (only 2 planes untouched) half their buildings had major damage, and the maintainence hanger was totally destroyed. After it hit the airport, it came over the top of my apartment complex and totally destroyed about 8 apartment blocks, we were lucky (me & my fiancee) we just suffered a broken window. but the tor
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