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  2. I would agree, the ‘blob’ up around Dundee/Angus has been very slow moving over the last hour and other showers coming on shore seem to catch up and ‘extend’ the original blob. Certainly has made for a bit of a snaw fest this afternoon, although it’s getting a bit difficult for anyone who needs to travel (essential workers) around the Dundee/Angus area. Be safe folks.
  3. Certainly inland over Angus it’s sticking and boy is it impressive in its intensity when you get a shower albeit brief. As already mentioned convergence line of showers now jogging south and will clear Angus next hour or so I recon. I’m still intrigued however by that cluster of showers off the north east coast of Aberdeen. It doesn’t look like a new convergence line but quite a specific form of showers or something which is creating a radar return. Will it intensify and where is it heading?
  4. Thanks guys I think I understand. I do remember the point about graupel and risk re avalanche conditions when I did my winter hill navigation training but didn’t recall what caused it to form in the first place.
  5. We have had quite few brief but intense showers today (the kind that all goes dark and blizzard like moment ) but I’m intrigued as to why has every one of them been mostly graupel apart from the very end of the shower when it changes to dry fluffy snow flakes. Temps are below freezing as are wb so not like that’s a problem. What are the conditions that cause precipitation to fall as graupel most every time today?
  6. Not sure as it’s already about level with Aberdeen now and there is still quite a southwards drift which can be seen when you run animation. May end up with most of that line of showers coming in just south between Aberdeen and Stonehaven.
  7. MWB I’m just north of Dundee and can confirm your first 2 pictures/charts (radar) are most accurate to what’s happening right now.
  8. You might be in luck soon, looks like a few heavier showers coming in just about in line with your part of Fife in the next half hour. Be interesting to hear if that helps pull the temp down for you.
  9. Yes, up here in Angus, early light showers now becoming more organised and heavier. You can see on the radar the separation now of individual cells coming on shore. Didn’t take long for those lower dew points to suck the moisture of sodden ground surfaces, ‘dry’ snow now blowing about in the wind in the heaviest showers.
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