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  1. Really FW got the square root of hee haw, travel a few miles in land much more substantial falls of snow. Tomorrow I've to visit Kingussie that should be fun and games. Will defo supply pics.
  2. On a snowy day, 3 months after passing their test one of my children, became the first 2wd car to get into a ski resort car park, thanks to Goodyear Vector 4 Season tyres, with no fuss no drama, having never driven in snow before. I personally can vouch for Nokian Weatherproofs, but I think you would be amazed by the performance of any modern premium all weather tyre in snow.
  3. I'm from Fort William lived here all my life and when someone from Fort William says that's heavy rain you know it would be counted as Biblical event elsewhere, absolutely stotting down big lumps !
  4. On an old map, the MOD thread would have had "there be Dragons ! Written on its location. Been away for 6 months nice to know that in this ever changing world, there are still thing that you can reliably depend upon, arguments and tempramentality in the MOD thread being one.
  5. Something that I've noticed a bit different this year is the amount of geese that are flying over the house in the last few days seems to be a hell of a lot of them ! Instead of flying south seems to be more of an east/south east direction, they're heading in.
  6. October 1st Signing on for Winter 2019/20 yesterday fitted car with new winter tyres, now traditionally that puts the botchach on a cold winter. But today had to come out scrape the first frost of the winter off the windows of the car, I think this year is going to be the one !
  7. Clocking on officially for winter 2018/19 have a feeling this is going to be a bramer, wishing I still had Subaru Forester !
  8. Fort William now bitterly cold, diddily squat snow. -4 and no frost to scrape off ! The Least from the East !
  9. Fort William still cold, still diddily squat snow ?. New car, claims it's -4 but I didn't need to scrape off Frost ! Still the Least from the East.
  10. Fort William cold, diddily squat snow, according to Netweather we're looking at practically 14 days sub zero with hee haw precipitation ? The Least from the East !
  11. Sitting in car 4 miles north of Fort William 4C and sleaty and rain currently 1.10pm.
  12. Ach well for the first time in 5 years of buying winter tyres, looks like the Nokian Weatherproofs will get a proper work out next week !
  13. Tyres ! first time I've seen the difference the right tyres make. Nokian Weatherproofs a 4 season tyre from Finland. Daughters taxi can't get them to work yesterday morning comes to a halt 1 mile from work on a big hill. I live about a mile away, gets the the call drives up the hill stops where their taxi had abandoned them, pick them up and proceed to drive up the hill no fuss no drama, no wheel spin. Ordinary FWD car utterly transformed by tyres.
  14. Would just like to highlight that I am awaiting a new set of winter tyres from Oponeo. In the last few years this action has been sufficient to kill any snow/cold weather stone dead. However they are not due to arrive until Friday by the time they'll be fitted it will be next week. Decided even the mid life crisis car needed winter boots this year !
  15. Reporting for duty been lurking but here for winter 2017/18 got a feeling in my water it's going to be 2010/11/12 style winter lots of snow. Going into it with last year's Nokian Weatherproofs switched rears on the front and vice versa, daughter's on a new set of Goodyear 4 Seasons 2's.
  16. Has everybody been scunnered, given up and left the forum till next winter ?, most solid snow forecast for tomorrow this winter for the West Highlands hardly any comments.
  17. Here in FW Netweather says 5C and sleet car outside temp says 2C and it's snow and Hail.
  18. Temp outside now 10C but the wind chill is amazing, out for a few mins and fingers were freezing.
  19. Left Inverness at 6.30 pm 8C back down to FW 7C basically temp changed 1 degree halfway at Fort Augustus, basically balmy.
  20. Yes your correct it as 81/82 I was an apprentice at the time I arrived into work at 5.45am to be confronted by a time officer who took weather measurements every 4 hours and he just couldn't believe what his outside thermometer was telling him. I was working with two 60 plus year olds that morning and we had to walk down through a depression carved out of rock where we remain convinced it was even colder, some of the frost damage had to be seen to be believed.
  21. 82/83 and 95/96 winters we had minus 21 temps here in the West Highlands walking in it was like having wee pins jabbing your cheeks.
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