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  1. The media are gonna have a field day after all their hype. Here will be one of the imaginitive headlines tomorrow morning, with picture of course:- Storm wreakes havoc !
  2. LOL, AWD. That'll be the scene tomorrow I guess. . I'm gonna steel your photo and stick it in the regional SE thread. Hope you don't mind
  3. I'm crouched under the stairs holding a metal tray above my head, laptop in hand (well almost) . Tins of fruit, baked beans and bread, milk (which I've kept in my cooler bag). I've tied down the wheely bin with a metal chain (just in case ) Is the storm here yet?!
  4. You can say what you like. This output is still a big factor and I expect the UKMO and ECM to downgrade 'slightly' tomorrow. And BTW I'm gutted. Was hoping this was gonna be the real deal .
  5. Dodgy run, indeed, but it is interesting for us weather enthusiasts, and the UKMO won't be ignoring this.
  6. At this stage, looks like a typical strong autumm gale. Based on current charts, comparing with the '87 storm is ridiculous - nowhere near, at the moment, and the charts would have change dramatically, which is unlikely.
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