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  1. They have just said that the The Dungeness B nuclear power station in Kent has restarted its reactors using diesel generators after they were automatically shut down earlier due to a power cut.
  2. All fine here, Got a small power-outage around 6:30 that killed the bedroom TV that had been left on standby, and a few branches down, I've been out clearing up a bit of debris, but apart from that all is okay. Was expecting more than it was to be honest, as a storm a few years ago blew our kitchen ceiling down. I suppose it all depends on what direction it is arriving from. I called my elderly neighbours to check they were okay and they were not even ruffled I thought the guy on radio 4 this morning made a brilliant comment, along the lines of leaves on the line are a lot harde
  3. Wind starting to blow a bit here but nothing serious as yet, for ages this evening it was totally dead calm. The pressure has started to drop over the last couple of hours. I just moved my car into the field beside the hedge I decided might be prudent not to leave it sitting under its usual giant tree tonight.. Dogs been out for a evening walk, cat is in. The battery for the power drill is on charge just incase we have to mend any broken fences in the morning and the chainsaw and generator are topped up with fuel. Oh the joys of rural living LOL And yes I too am getting a headache...
  4. Well I for one am glad of the warnings the Met Office put out, Being a rural smallholder, I like being given a heads-up to go put straps over the most vunerable chicken houses and move livestock away from areas where there might be falling branches. The early warnings have also given us the chance to discover a mouse had chewed through the wires of the generator, and my OH unexpectedly had to spend ages mending it. And the time to do a quick service and check the chainsaw is running okay. These warnings gives us a kick up the backside to go an make a few preparations. Even if it is n
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