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  1. I do indeed. Wouldn’t pass a health and safety risk assessment these days !
  2. According to somebody on the MOD thread he is predicting up to 50cms in SE. Probably the hills of North Kent ! He may not be far off if things go our way!
  3. When Roger is saying it and you are quoting it that has some credence ! I think there is huge potential for streamers to set up and deliver over the next couple of days. Beyond that staying bitterly cold but unsure on precipitation.
  4. Ivor was my hero - I wanted to call our first son Gordon but my wife flatly refused - despite coming to games and getting the Fulham bug !
  5. I agree. If we were scoring goals I would feel more positive about our prospects. We might just click up front. Now is the time to do it. we have about a cm of laying snow - I am on the downs jus down the road from whipsnade so in a great place for snow in this region. for those worrying stay positive- I spent 8 years of my life in Folkestone from 1976 1983. When streamers set up the potential for significant snow is huge and can only be matched by a heavy snow slider where I now live. The most snow I have ever snow was in Folkestone on 1st January 1979. I was 14 years old
  6. Yes it’s looking that way. Everton and Burnley away next - we never get results at either of those places - if we win both these game’s I might believe we have a chance. back to the weather - now starting to lay in Dunstable.
  7. Snowing now in Dunstable- we are 500ft up though in the Chilterns - but about an hour earlier than expected going by met office. for our West Ham friends posting earlier - I thought Fulham were the better side tonight and deserved to win the game. You have had a terrific season though for which you deserve great credit.
  8. An interesting take on things but your view is as valid as anyone's. I live about 30 miles north west of London and 500ft up in the Chiltern Hills. My assessment of the modelling is such that I will be very surprised if I don't see lying snow outside my front door on a number of days between Christmas and New Year - I will post some pics if it arrives ! This forum has been a great read over the last few weeks. Well done to everyone who has contributed. Have a great Christmas and New Year and If you desire snow during this period I hope you get plenty !
  9. What we can be sure of is that it is going to turn colder and at times more unsettled from the weekend through next week and potentially beyond. There is a strong chance that the coldest air and best chance for nationwide convective snow will miss us and we will end up with chilly, increasingly overcast weather with any precipitation more rain/sleet than snow. I fully expect the 'direct hit' from a cold perspective to come when the coldest air is too warm for snow. Sorry - just feeling a bit down today!
  10. The UK high on the latest ECM 240HR looks as though it might retrogress and open the UK up to much colder air. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this as we end March and move into early April. There is still some very cold air to the north and north west.
  11. Although we loose the cold feed pretty quickly on the GFS 12z Operational one gets the feeling that we are going to see frequent swings back to cold although predominantly settled over the coming weeks as the PV breaks up. Its been a wretched winter season and I have been motivated to post at all given the rubbish served up since last December. Fair play to Crewe C and those others who called it very early on. Hopefully we can get to see some drier and colder weather ( relative to the seasonal average) with a little bit of snow before the chance is gone until next November. I do remember
  12. Just had a quick glance through the Northern hemisphere profile on the latest GFS and the profile up stream and over the pole looks pretty conducive to a largely unsettled and cool to cold outlook for the time of year with even some transitory snow for the south. I may have given up on Fulham retaining our Premier league place for next season but I have not given up on some more snow in the north east Chiltern hills between now and the end of April !
  13. Its not often you see - 40c T850's modelled and they are modelled on our side of the NH for once. A long way off but I feel more confident of a colder spell in early mid march this morning. The pattern is changing upstream and this could give us a cold zonal flow with potential lee northerly's/North easterlies and toppling cold high pressures. Good for the north and west and potentially other areas. Things could get better from there for cold. We will see,
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