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  1. 2001, best year in music!

  2. 2001, best year in music!

  3. My girlfriend complained that I always put football before our relationship. I told her I don’t agree, after all we’ve been together for three seasons now.

  4. I've just won £400 at Gala bingo! O_O

  5. No wonder Wayne Rooney was trending on twitter - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BnskpIBCQAAE7dM.png

  6. So I got a comfortable 2:1 in my dissertation, chuffed!

  7. GFS 06z moving towards ECM it would appear hats off to ECM if its called next week right stayed consistent when the rest kept saying no now GFS is moving towards it will the rest now follow

  8. How do you make a duck into a soul singer? Put him in the oven til his bill withers.

  9. As a matter of interest, how many more goals did Liverplop rack up vs Palace tonight? I turned off at 0-3, game over.

  10. I heard the resident hedgehog scratching at the porch door, so I put some cat crunchies down and opened the door, immediately i heard some strange snorting/growling, my cat appears with a rabbit in his chops! I grabbed my cat around the scruff so he would drop it (which he did) the rabbit is still alive and runs riot in the house! It took 10 mins to catch it, and I set it free. Hilarious situation LOL

  11. I don't understand why Liverpool fans are so depressed tonight. Do they not realise that Man City still have to play the mighty Villa next week?

  12. Happy Birthday to me :-))

  13. Jürgen Klopp has ruled himself out of the Man Utd job, but said his brother Klippity might be interested.

  14. M.O.D contracted grass cutters have somehow managed to smash my car window with an errant stone on the pavement....they're going to literally pay for this...tossers!

  15. I used to date this Dutch lad, who always wore inflatable shoes. It didn't last long though, as he popped his clogs.

  16. It's my 40th birthday today - all downhill from here!

  17. It's my 40th birthday today - all downhill from here!

  18. Given its release date I thought this was an April fools it appears not..... http://store.steampowered.com/app/265930?snr=1_41_4__42

  19. Cloud ruining the day i want some sun =(

  20. My girlfriend wasn't sure about me using my homemade anaesthetic on her, but she's finally come round.

  21. April 2007 revisited coming up, possibly?

  22. OMG WOW WOW WOW, best storm in years here. Absolutely amazing- the hail was like shards being catapulted down

  23. I'm about to hold a contest to see how many people can fit onto one horse. There’s a lot riding on it.

  24. Windows 8 and connecting to the internet can be a pain in the you know what at times took 40 minutes this morning, nothing wrong with the internet connect in my area as I checked with virgin media, not the first time this has happened getting closer to uninstalling W8 and going back to 7

  25. My new Czech girlfriend takes ages to hoover the house. Turns out she’s a slovak.

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