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  1. lol but that's well over ten days away, Dancer!! :laugh:

    Still, nothing wrong with dreaming :cold:

    I've only just realised that yesterday was officially an Ice Day here, with us only reaching a high of -0.2°C around midday. Of the eighteen Ice Days I have recorded since the end of 2004, yesterday was by far the latest in the season. Indeed, only two others fell outside the winter months - 28th November 2010 and of course 1st March 2018.


  2. 3 minutes ago, andy_leics22 said:

    I'm surprised by people's disappointment in the lack of intensity of this band. It was never forecast to be heavy, just light-moderate with a few heavier bursts in places.

    Even though the flakes aren't big, it's still settling nicely! Had 2 hours of light-moderate snow in Oxford and it's accumulated 3-4cm on top of the 5-7cm we already had! I think it will stall now over the Midlands and give light-moderate snow for a good 4-5 hours now, possibly longer. Won't exactly be blizzars conditions but better than no snow at all!

    Exactly! Today + Yesterday + mid-December = our first excellent winter since 2012/13 :yahoo:


  3. I cannot believe what I am seeing outside right now! One of our neighbours has decided to have one of his tallest trees - a massive Silver Birch - taken down. So right now I am currently watching some muppet of a tree surgeon dangling about 30ft off the ground waving a chainsaw about, in borderline blizzard conditions.

    Absolute insanity!!!!! :fool:


  4. 1 minute ago, cyclonic happiness said:

    I thought that too? Although it could sheer away to the west before long. i'd like to think the forecasts are wrong, and that we get a decent event.  Just no power cuts lol

    Yes, in fairness there is still time for it to nudge NW. But the eastern extent should mean that more of us are likely to get in on the action that was previously thought.

    Not a direct hit, but a hefty glancing blow :ninja:


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