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  1. Blissful conditions this morning. I don't think I've ever been happier to see cold, driving rain falling as I have this weekend!

    That peculiar gulping noise you might hear in the distance is the sound of my garden enjoying its first proper drink in two months :good:

    8.50 mm so far already today, to go on top of the 7.75 mm from yesterday.


  2. Blimey, it all went a bit Biblical for a little while - howling wind coupled with torrential rain.

    Just heard an almighty cracking noise in the back garden, and one of the main branches of our beautiful silver birch tree has snapped and is hanging precariously :(


  3. We're starting to see some quite decent squally showers here now. It'd be nice if we could squeeze in a few bonus mm today before the main liquid feast arrives tomorrow.

    Every single drop is vital, because next week looks like turning increasingly warm & dry once again.


  4. Incredibly blustery here. Lots of dark clouds shooting by, but none of them are producing anything bar the odd spot or two. We had a tiny amount of rain overnight, but not enough to make any difference. At least tomorrow looks like finally delivering.

    Currently 17.1°C, which is down approximately 10°C compared to the same time yesterday!


  5. Blimey, it's really starting to kick off to the east! Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire should be right in the firing line.

    The radar is even detecting some ppn to the south of Stratford-upon-Avon, fingers crossed it develops into something substantial and heads right this way.....

    Currently 30.7°C with a dp of 13.9°C


  6. 28.6°C here, pretty impressive considering the amount of hazy cloud, although we have had some longer spells of sunshine as well.

    Looks like the East and North of the region are the places to be re potential thunderstorms later today, although anywhere is in with a chance - good luck everyone! :good:


  7. We had around an hour or so of light-to-moderate rain here, with more possibly on the way from the NW later this evening.

    The local weather station says a whopping 0.50mm has fallen so far, not sure how accurate that reading is because there are a few small puddles dotted around.


  8. 6 hours ago, Storme said:

    Was out in the Vale of Belvoir yesterday. Tinder dry out that way. Hot and later humid. First night for a while it was extremely uncomfortable sleeping and had the fan on highest speed. 

    I have to admit to never having heard of the Vale of Belvoir before - judging by a quick Google Images search, a very beautiful area indeed :good:


  9. We eventually peaked with a max of 24.7°C yesterday afternoon. This marked the end of a long sequence of sixteen successive days whereby the daily max had been at least 25°C or above. Pretty impressive stuff.

    The only other similar sequences in "recent" times (my numbers go back to 1982) were:

    16 days - 15/07/2006 to 30/07/2006 (with many daily maxes well above 30°C. July 2006 really was a incredibly hot month here)

    13 days - 24/07/1995 to 05/08/1995 (there was another sequence of 8 days shortly afterwards)

    10 days - 03/08/2003 to 12/08/2003

    I think I'll always remember the June/July 2018 heatwave for it's dryness, longevity and abundant sunshine rather than it's heat.


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