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  1. Within the space of thirty minutes, we've gone from Iron Maiden to Gary Barlow lol Totally silent here now. Bish
  2. Sounds like the storm is finally moving away, to wreak havoc somewhere to the north of here. Weirdly, I don't think I saw a single flash of lightning the whole time Bish
  3. Just as the the thunder starts to ease, so the rain somehow intensifies even more. Bish
  4. Somewhere about 10-15 miles to the east of here must be getting an absolute monstering right now. The noise is just relentless. Bish
  5. Last time I heard this sort of constant thunder in the distance was the "El Brummo" event from - I think - 2012. Bish
  6. Almost constant rumbling in the mid-distance right now, plus a bit of rain has started to fall. It looks like the cell is sliding to the east of here. The temperature is still hovering above 28°C Bish
  7. Big rumble of thunder to the south of here a few minutes ago, albeit rather distant. The skies in that direction have gone darker in the past ten minutes, as well. Bish
  8. The sun has finally started to re-emerge here in Solihull, after an hour or so of being hidden behind the milky haze. The temperature has started to shoot up once again - currently 29.8°C and still climbing. Bish
  9. Yet more torrential rain at the moment......we're now up to approx 13mm for the day so far, on top of the 7.75mm measured yesterday. Bish
  10. Blissful conditions this morning. I don't think I've ever been happier to see cold, driving rain falling as I have this weekend! That peculiar gulping noise you might hear in the distance is the sound of my garden enjoying its first proper drink in two months 8.50 mm so far already today, to go on top of the 7.75 mm from yesterday. Bish
  11. Blimey, thundering here and yet more torrential rain ? Bish
  12. Blimey, it all went a bit Biblical for a little while - howling wind coupled with torrential rain. Just heard an almighty cracking noise in the back garden, and one of the main branches of our beautiful silver birch tree has snapped and is hanging precariously Bish
  13. It's absolutely bucketing down now, Hallelujah!!!!! Genuinely chilly as well, 14.2°C compared to 29.1°C this time yesterday. Bish
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