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  1. lol that really is extraordinary. I've seen pictures of the infamous 'Snow Stopped Play' cricket match at Buxton from around that time, Derbyshire versus Lancashire I believe. Do we know if anything similar has happened since 1975? Bish
  2. Father John Misty released his new album this morning, Dancer.............so let's hope KC and the Sunshine Band put something out next week! Bish
  3. Conditions started off very overcast and steamy this morning, but surprisingly a lot of it has already burnt away and we are enjoying some quite lengthy sunny periods. Currently 22.5°C with a dp of 15.6°C Bish
  4. Torrential rain here now, but the T&L seems to have stopped. Bish
  5. Something is brewing, that's for sure! A bit of thunder & lightning here at the moment, but nothing too dramatic so far. It still seems rather distant. Bish
  6. Very good point! Strange to think that the first day of this meteorological spring started with an ice day for most of us, and with a big winter storm incoming.........feels like an eternity ago now. Steady light rain here in Knowle, and the occasional flashes lighting up the sky to the south. No thunder as yet. Bish
  7. Still nothing to report here, although the radar shows plenty of promise. Fingers crossed! Bish
  8. Light rain here in Knowle, and the skies to the S and SE are finally starting to look a little threatening......... Bish
  9. It's as dead as a dodo here right now, no hint of storm activity whatsoever. Just a perfectly pleasant early-summer evening with plenty of hazy sunshine. Bish
  10. Pleasant sunshine here, but certainly pretty humid. Judging by the latest radar returns, I reckon the SW quadrant of the region should be in for some fun & games very shortly. Still too early to say for the rest of us. Bish
  11. Yes, the Met Office seem confident of the chance for some action round these parts later this afternoon. It certainly feels muggy enough right now. Currently 21.1°C with a dp of 15.9°C Bish
  12. I wonder whatever went wrong with poor old RainToday? It was the main goto site for many people for a long time but then, about a couple of years ago, it suddenly started glitching? So odd that it works for some of the time, but not for the rest. It's Twitter feed hasn't updated since 2012, so it's pretty much a zombie site now. A real shame. Bish
  13. Rain Alarm (http://rain-alarm.com) is a pretty good radar as well, Dancer. I use it all the time now that RainToday seems to be permanently glitched. Bish
  14. Very true! Monkspath Weather Station recorded a whopping 36.25mm of rain on Friday plus a further 22.75mm on Sunday, a huge amount to fall within such a short period of time. And other areas very nearby to here would, of course, have witnessed even higher totals. Bish
  15. I think areas such as Worcester and Stratford-upon-Avon might getting a glancing blow, but probably not anywhere further north - we'll see! Surprised at the comparative lack of electrical activity down there so far. Bish