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  1. Occasional rumbles in the distance, and the sun has mostly disappeared from view....... Bish
  2. A massive tower has bubbled up to the SE of here. Something is going to go kaboom very shortly.......... Currently 33.5°C Bish
  3. I can already see towers building in the distance to both the SE and SSW of my location. Currently 32.9°C, nearly 4°C hotter than the same time yesterday when we eventually chalked up a high of 33.0°C Bish
  4. 17.25 mm of rain here today, virtually all of which has fallen inside the past thirty minutes or so! Bish
  5. Seems like it is finally starting to slowly move away to the north - what a fantastic last hour or so, awe-inspiring stuff. The Edinburgh and Stoke-on-Trent storms look even more insane than this one, judging by the radar 😲 Bish
  6. Utterly insane lightning and rain right now, and the thunder has finally decided to join in as well 😎 Bish
  7. The house just got rocked by an enormous gust of wind, and now it is absolutely chucking it down. This lightning is some of the best I've ever seen! Bish
  8. Yesterday was 10/10 for thunder here, tonight is now at least 9/10 for lightning - hopefully we'll be able to combine the two at the same time in the next couple of days! Bish
  9. The cat has scurried off to hide under the table - a sure sign that things are getting wild outside. Bish
  10. Lots of flashes, but not much thunder - kinda the opposite of what we encountered here yesterday evening. Still, makes for great viewing 👍 Bish
  11. Towers are starting to appear in the far distance to the SE of here, around the Banbury area perhaps. Currently 31.9°C Bish
  12. Pretty much cloudless skies here in Solihull right now, bar the usual milky haze as per the past couple of days. Currently 31.2°C Bish
  13. Within the space of thirty minutes, we've gone from Iron Maiden to Gary Barlow lol Totally silent here now. Bish
  14. Sounds like the storm is finally moving away, to wreak havoc somewhere to the north of here. Weirdly, I don't think I saw a single flash of lightning the whole time Bish
  15. Just as the the thunder starts to ease, so the rain somehow intensifies even more. Bish
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