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  1. Snow now a bit heavier but not sticking to anything yet.
  2. Round here it's so light even the streetlight is no use. You've literally got to go outside and count individual snowflakes.
  3. First few flakes starting to fall here. If you look at the radar there is quite a big chunk of dark blue south of Knutsford heading straight for us and should get here for 9 I reckon.
  4. Still a mix of sleet and snow for Manchester. However, the snow is 90% likely to fall but the sleet only 50/60%. We have to wait till 8pm now rather than 5.
  5. There should still be a warning though, even if only a yellow and only for high ground. I remember there was a lot of controversy in the Scotland thread recently over a gale with 100mph gusts that happened at night and didn't get a red warning.
  6. You can't tell that much from the radar. Today Sale was under the pale blue for 15 mins - snow shower. Last night, mid blue and dark blue for 45 mins - nothing.
  7. Yes, the Met Office is doing the downgrade in bits to prolong the agony. Just rain for 7pm tomorrow and sleet at times during the night.
  8. Light snow falling here too. I think that's 7 days so far this winter, which is as many as we got in the whole of 2006/7.
  9. That gives a good idea how far east they expect the milder air to get. I've just had a look at the Liverpool forecast and it's just rain there. I did expect better given the wind's meant to come off the land right through and the front is supposed to arrive after dark. I thought that would make all the difference.
  10. Well the Met Office's 1000 update for Manchester has just changed the 13 hrs on and off snow tomorrow night into a mix of sleet and snow, if that's anything to go by. Not even a yellow warning out for anywhere (apart for the icy roads in Northern Ireland).
  11. Well it looked impressive but all that happened was five mins of sleet and a few snowflakes at the back edge as it cleared. Looks like most of the shower went to the south of here.
  12. This anvil has been building steadily from between W and NW for a good half hour. Almost overhead now and very gloomy to the W. I live in hope...
  13. Nothing but rain here, and already clearing up with blue sky to the west. However I just checked the reports from the airport and it's been snowing there even though it's only 150 ft higher up. Just shows how close it can get!
  14. We're going to get a covering here which is the last thing I expected when it started raining this afternoon. It's so heavy even the wet ground won't stop it.
  15. Some of those flakes are an inch in diameter. It's sticking to the roofs of cars nicely.
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