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  1. As soon as the met office issued the warning it turned back to rain. Oh well.
  2. Yes settling nice now. Temp dropped to 0.5.
  3. 45 metres. Quite surprised really. I think you could get a few hours of snow with your elevation.
  4. Snowing here in North glos. Temp 0.7 don't think it will be long till it turns back to rain. Slushy deposits on car.
  5. The ukmo 168 is about as reliable as the metro 30 dayer. I live in the SW mids And I've had at least ten days of lying snow in December alone. This winter feels like the 80s.
  6. Best snow where I live since 2010. And winter is only 15days old. This winter just feels different to the last few
  7. About 1 inch here. Snowing heavy still. North glos right on the Herefordshire boarder.
  8. Heavy snow here in North glos. About an inch already. Sorry if you've got rain.
  9. I told the kids it would snow a few years back. Woke in the morning to heavy rain. Tears applenty. I keep quite now.....
  10. What a beautiful site ECM. If only.