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  1. Showers been building right over us and moving north, north east all afternoon. One being around 4 this afternoon. A few large hail stones on the window, nothing more. yet friends in torquay and newton Abbott reporting full on heavy hail, thunder and lightning! Another heavy shower hit here about an hour and half ago.
  2. Wow, i can't believe the difference. I drove back this morning with 8inches at home on the edge of Torbay. Worried i wouldn't get out of my road, the main roads where fine. As soon as i drove past the Ivybridge junction on the A38 it was like driving into spring, totally green. Now sat at my uni digs near derriford hospital would not know what all the fuss was about! Just a dusting here, can imagine what its like up there though as i normally take that route home if i want a scenic drive back! Truly epic couple of days at home though. A weekend that will live long in the memory.
  3. Chucking it down here again on the edge of paignton/torbay. Just got back from a walk where it was very windy and the precip turned sleety for a while. Now back to proper snow ! Edit: measured 13cm on table out in the back garden before lunch. Must be more now.
  4. Chucking it down here on the edge of paignton and laying on everything fast! Heaviest I’ve seen it here in my 25 years.
  5. Happy sun'snow'day! Snow stopped here. skies looking ominous out to my south east. only have about an inch, roads and garden paths are fine. good luck all, stay safe and have fun!
  6. Snowing here moderate to heavy at times. Just starting to lay on hills just outside of torbay.
  7. Just started light raining here. Some sleet and a bit of wet snow mixed in. Wind increasing.
  8. Hope all is well with you? can't imagine what its like out on top! Princetown must be a right off?!!
  9. I'm just to the south of you, near derriford roundabout, the wind has really picked up now. Ice pellets hitting my window. not quite sure what is falling though as wind is that strong. whizzing past the lampposts!! horrible conditions out there.
  10. Hey thanks for the link. Bit jealous of that as that's near home home. Currently at uni digs in Plymouth. looking out my window to my south east looking very filled in! dry but cloudy here !
  11. Loads of thunder and many strikes here on the edge of torbay between 6.30 and 6.45 with biblical heavy hail. Now windy, but dry again!!
  12. Raining heavy from about 2.20 for 10 mins. Eased a little, now getting heavier again !!
  13. Raining here from 1. Slowed a little in past 10 minutes. Distant deep rumbles of thunder to my south. Think I might be in a sweet spot?!
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