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  1. Gave us a good show for a while in Cheltenham. Still rumbling on now to the north. Impressive amount of rain!
  2. Yeah, I live in Cheltenham. Odd times!
  3. Always keen to explore new ideas.. What are the chances of this virus having been circulating around the UK for some time before the first case was officially confirmed. Were some "regular" flu deaths over Christmas/New Year actually this new thing and not accounted as such? TBH I've never known a winter like it in terms of people close to me with a virus, lung problems, etc.. Might be something which comes out in the wash in due course.
  4. I don't tend to post much here, so be gentle ? I find myself in a funny position. My sister and Mum are nurses.. fairly battle hardened. Their attitude is they'll take what's coming head on and to not let it worry you. I am very proud of them and they reassure me. On the other hand, my partner is a bit of a worrier. She's reading it wall to wall coverage and it's not doing her any good. I feel like I have to stay one step ahead of the news so I can reassure when the "chat" happens each evening. Oh to be my 3 year old or 9 month old.. ignorance really is bliss. Anyway, I am worki
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