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  1. It's settling on cold cars and on the grass! Temp from 3c to 1.8c in no time at all. Dropping like a stone!
  2. Hello everyone! As usual, I've been absent from the forum since the last threat of snow! None yet here in Bracknell but as you guys in Newbury have some, I am hopeful, especially as Heathrow have cancelled 80 flights. Someone's going to have egg on their face if it doesn't happen!
  3. We had a good dumping of hail earlier in Bracknell but nothing since. I've seen the warnings about snow overnight but just cannot believe it. It doesn't 'feel' snowy enough... Not that I have been out today! How likely are we to get snow up here, about 15 mins east of Reading...
  4. Temp risen to 5.1 Dew Point 4.2 Barometer 1013.4 (going down)
  5. Friends up in Notts have snow - massive flakes too. Just wish it would nudge down here!
  6. Hi everyone I haven't caught up with the last few pages of posts but will do that now. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and that it is made all the better by a good dusting of the white stuff in the next few days!
  7. Is anyone watching the Stargazing programme? Apparently it could be possible that we could see the Aurora Borealis either tonight or tomorrow night... EVEN DOWN HERE IN THE SOUTH!!! I am so excited! I really want to see this!!!
  8. lol I wasn't sure if I had missed something. Brain not functioning today in anticipation of first day back tomorrow
  9. Please can you explain for those of us who are still learning Pretty please
  10. Gusts picking up here and looks like the rain is going to hit Reading soon then me shortly afterwards... Deep joy
  11. 7.2mm rain today and a mere 660mm for the year. Had some mighty gusts this morning with a maximum of 46mph. I would be terrified if we had the gust speeds that some people are reporting. All calm here tonight and although it felt really cold when I went out earlier, it is 6.7c now.
  12. Uf. Not as bad as expected. The friends were =expected for things to be BAD BAD BAD so I am happy go lucky! xxx Head is in the clouds!!! Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww xx
  13. I have to go to bed. Too much to do tomorrow to stay up for this now. Night all. Stay safe. just realised, it is Christmas EVE!!!Merry Christmas everyone -X-
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