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  1. Not over yet. The only months I've never seen snow in Stoke are July, August & September.
  2. MattStoke there are flakes passing the lampost here in Hartshill. Not many, but maybe a start.
  3. Seen a couple of flakes in the last five minutes - on the bright side it's getting heavier
  4. After seeing a few little flakes about an hour ago.....nowt since. Temperature has dropped a bit
  5. light snow here for about an hour or so. Very cold in the house.Bitter in the pub.
  6. Just the odd flake here now. Was snowing at midnight & at 5am & 8am but not much of a top up. It looks like it's melting on cars. No idea what the forecast is they seem to be all over the place.
  7. Met Office giving weather stations at Leek as -5 & Keele -4; look at the forecast for the Roaches ! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcqw6rxvc#?date=2018-02-28
  8. Doesn't seem to be melting as fast. Still a covering in Hartshill. Where it had been melting off cars in the streets, icicles now forming .
  9. Just been out. Gritters are out and about. However, everything falling is melting unless in the shade.when the sun comes out you can feel it.
  10. I was surprised that the cauldon canal was totally free of ice. Canals etc don't seem to do this any more. When I lived by Hanley Park in the mid 80s during one particular cold & snowy spell the kids were playing ice hockey round the island using branches & a little block of ice. One wag had sawn through the ice in the shallow part by a bank & the ice was so thick, through the hole that was left ,you could touch the bed.
  11. When we had a snowy day a few weeks ago how come, here in Stoke, it only stuck on trees, bushes, hedges & the winter flowers coming through in flower beds? None stuck on grass. Can't remember seeing that before.
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