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  1. a few flakes in the heavy shower that's just passed
  2. still coming down ...big flakes for last 5 mins sticking on cars & roofs now
  3. few flakes of snow mixed in with a current passing shower
  4. sticking on grass, cars and roofs....just wish the flakes were the size of oatcakes
  5. Had a light covering in this part of Stoke at 7 but virtually gone now
  6. In this part of Stoke snow had stuck on cars, rooves & gardens at 5.30 this morning. All gone now bit of sleet in the rain
  7. 17.6C from Keele weather station at 3pm.......never seen this before in my lifetime (58)
  8. a sleet symbol has appeared on the Met Office app for Stoke on Sunday
  9. a bit of sleety stuff hitting the window in the stronger gusts
  10. it started to settle but when the intensity slacked off it melted straight away
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