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  1. Thank you for the time and trouble for responding, much appreciated. Considering what I was doing at specific times 83 and 97 seem the likeliest, thanks again
  2. Don't know whether there are any stattos out there ( or oldies like me) . Memory tells me that May Bank Holiday in one of the years 1995/6/7 on the Friday before the weekend outside work soaking up the sun no jacket needed, went to work on the holiday Monday with a couple of inches of snow on the ground. Also, early mid 80s around the 2nd week of May heavy rain turned to snow in the evening, Hanley park had contrasting pink blossomed trees snow covered grass and wet grey paths criss crossing . No mobiles to take photos then, unfortunately.
  3. Maybe they smelt the landfill site at Silverdale and they'vemade a detour. It reeks something terrible tonight.
  4. been watching on iplayer right snowstorm for about an hour
  5. Vale Park 70ft higher than where I am , belting down for half an hour there, the odd burstvhere but mainly sleet, maybe that slight elevation making the difference, the pitch is covered in snow
  6. snowing in Boslem utv, few more flakes appearing here again
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