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  1. Hi everyone! Excited for some storm potential here in sunny Thurrock ??This is a photo I took back in 2015, that I think was a shelf cloud, and that was an amazing storm, very memorable ?
  2. Same here, I’m doing the Brentwood Half, and they are saying the same. Saturday night/early hours has heavy snow forecast. ?
  3. I’m supposed to be running the Brentwood Half Marathon on Sunday- do you think the snow will be significant?
  4. Can anyone say what tomorrow & Friday should be like in Thurrock? My son’s school closed today and they are saying they aren’t expecting anymore bad weather tonight/tomorrow and will try and open in the morning. I know everything is uncertain, but what is the likelihood? Thanks
  5. Snowing in Chafford Hundred now and has been for about an hour. I went for a run, and it was sunny when I left and I ended up battling through a complete whiteout lol ? nice covering though!
  6. Just a dusting here in Chafford/Grays this morning. The car thermometer says -3c so pretty chilly. Watching the radar last night was disappointing, I think Grays is slightly too far inland as all the showers seemed to be skimming us by. Hoping the wind changes to favour us a little more. Any chance I might see something more significant?
  7. Haven't posted for a long time so hello everyone! Currently snowing nicely here in Chafford Thurrock and has settled too. Couldn't say how much as I'm stuck on the sofa with flu, but it's certainly cheered me up and something else to look at out of the window lol
  8. I did lol, I'm so desperate for a flake, my hubby thinks I'm nuts!
  9. From being a sunny but windy morning, it has now turned cloudy and getting darker here.
  10. I watched this too. He did mention at the end that the low that will will bring snow to Canada next week may track more our way as it follows the jet stream, but that they wasn't certain on that yet.
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