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  1. Adi F

    Castle In The Sky

    From the album: Cumulus

    © Adi

  2. Adi F


  3. Adi F


  4. From the album: Sunsets

    © Adi

  5. From the album: Lightning

    A shot from Friday nights storm as it crossed Beachy Head

    © Adi

  6. I will be out tonight and over the weekend. Sendandreturn I have sent you a text.
  7. The flat monotone cloud here has started to get some texture in it which suggests it is being stirred up a bit and starting break up.
  8. I see the storm in in the channel trying to tease us but the charts suggest the active area won't cross onto our shores.
  9. Back for another year of frustration Some activity coming out of Cherbourg hopefully it will it will make it this far.
  10. I have just had a drive around the effected area on Hayling, It seems they have done a good job of cleaning up, not much to see really, except for roofers mending roofs. There were a couple of film crews in the area but I think they have missed the story. There were a couple of beach huts lifted off there foundations. My first house and third house saw no damage all the my first house was very close to the path, round 20 meters or so.
  11. Adi F

    01Mar2012 2898

    From the album: Sunsets

  12. Adi F

    Golden Hue

    From the album: Sunsets

  13. Adi F

    Sunset18 11 12

    From the album: Sunsets

  14. Adi F

    Storm Images 2012

    Some shots from 2012
  15. Adi F


    From the album: Storm Images 2012

  16. Adi F

    Decaying Storm

    From the album: Storm Images 2012

  17. From the album: Lightning

    An image from last year

    © @ Adi 2012

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