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  1. I was but i have had to come home (manchester) M62 might be shocking later
  2. i wondered why the sky got a little dark and what the farmer guy was pointing at!
  3. I think I'll let the picture do the talking!
  4. Also a few of the ones that I have managed to process!
  5. ItIsGee

    Tour 4

    hahaha i tend to do that! look forward to meeting you both!
  6. ItIsGee

    Tour 4

    I stand corrected! it is T3! Well it would be rude not to have a pre flight beer at the airport! ill be flying in from Manchester that morning!
  7. ItIsGee

    Tour 4

    Morning Pete! I wouldnt worry too much about a profile pic!! What are your flight details? I was hoping to meet with people at LHR T5 if they are flying on or around the same time as me! I am on the 14:40 LHR - DEN BA flight. if you havent already, i made a kit list in the forum, worth a read! Gee
  8. ItIsGee

    Tour 4

    hi mate Lightning triggers can be good, MR Finney bought one for a season and ended up binning it as it was rubbish! BUT he does have one now, this one - https://tinyurl.com/y6382jq9 Living on the edge? 8th June? yeah probably, 7th would have been better for two reason 1) i am on the same flight! 2) it gives us chance to maybe get an extra day of chasing or at least get us in position depending on the models..worth a conversation to go a day before? anyhoo! ill be Doghouse driver for T4, also known as the party car!
  9. ItIsGee

    Tour 4

    Tour 4 charts are appearing at the furthest end of the model runs! I know we cannot take them for granted but it does show some signs of active weather (yey!) SKEW-T chart for the middle of OK which is showing 83 / 73 spreads at 6pm is surely exciting to read but we have to control our excitement! CAPE and all the other ingredients are showing good signs! I fly in on June 7th from LHR 14:40 flight!
  10. https://www.severestudios.com/livechase/
  11. Already this shape is looking interesting
  12. Thanks Nick, kinda gutted i opted for T4 this year!
  13. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0703.html New MD issued - SUMMARY...Rapid development of tornadic supercells expected in the next 1-2 hours.
  14. New PDS Tornado Watch issued https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0199.html
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