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  1. I'd be more worried if the ukmo changes. ive noticed in the past that on the run up to a good cold spell the models flip and change right upto the last minute... for some reason it was at the start of and during weekend when it happens the most... just my opinion.
  2. Now you've done it!! you had to mention " That ECM" .. you've damned this entire cold spell!
  3. i really don't understand what we have done wrong thats made it extremely difficult to get a good wintery outbreak... we have a really good ssw event yet somehow a poxy HP to the southwest of us just wants to hang around and spoil the fun so places like Turkey can get a pasting.
  4. Cheer up folks as we all know this is a rapidly evolving situation and the models will playout all the possible outcomes and some runs will be better for cold than others. it doesn't mean the last runs are going to happen and the next set will show a different outcome.
  5. Blimey you'd think winter was over going by some posts this morning. Remember folks until the models get a grip of this potential SSW event then take all outputs with a large bucket of salt.
  6. Anyone know where Mr murr is? I enjoy reading his take on things and he's been very quiet recently.
  7. Please please drift more NE and hit us in Essex!
  8. Well I've woken up to exactly... nothing as I thought and by the sounds of a post above then I'll be getting nothing this Friday either.
  9. You can't make it up.. some how missed both showers.
  10. well no point doing a night lamp post watch in braintree. Perhaps theres a chance at the end of the week.
  11. Well that pretty much means I'll be getting nothing tonight.
  12. nothing here in braintree but the occasional flake in the wind.. getting a little disappointed.
  13. Well you could just pop outside for a moment to see