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  1. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I 100% after agree with you. I keep hearing that's it's not been to bad a winter so far. Well like you say it depends where you live and sadly down in kent we have missed all the snow so far. We have friends from Birmingham who have had great snow and at 3 different intervals since mid December up to now. The last lot was nearly 1 foot deep and yet Birmingham is only a couple of hours away... still will still have Feb left. Hopefully are turn will come. Pleased for anyone who has had the white stuff.. 🖒
  2. This is looking fantastic and upgrades keep coming now. I just hope the UK doesn't find away to escape all the cold options like it usually manages to do lol. ☺
  3. Hi Steve, some are saying that the met are not going with there own model and not going with an easterly in there outlook. What's your thoughts and gut feeling the way you see it paning out? Thanks.
  4. The UKMO looks Fantastic and i really want it to be correct but there's one thing I've noticed every winter and that it's unfortantly it's always the one we don't want to be right that usually is sadly. Surly were due some luck by now. We've suffered enough lol.
  5. Good or bad ? For cold that Is?
  6. This looks amazing but could I ask steve murr or Nick Sussex or anyone one on here if this looks like a classic Easterly? I remember back in the 80s if we had a Scandy High we would also need a low over Italy to really feed the cold air and snow showers in to the UK. It may be showing this but I'm not to sure as I'm a novice when looking at the models. Thanks ☺
  7. Blimey..... whats going on lol... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE... MAY 2018 bring you lots of cold SNOWY weather.. 😁
  8. SE and East Anglia generalweather discussion 08/11/2017 onwards

    Oh no..... turning back to rain here now but it was a bonus to see it and for it to settle. Hope more to come in the following weeks.
  9. SE and East Anglia generalweather discussion 08/11/2017 onwards

    Wow, just looked outside and nice surprise to see big white flakes coming down... 😁
  10. Hi, hope you dont mind me asking hows things? Missing your post on the model thread... 

    Always enjoyed reading your great posts.. 


    Take care. 

  11. Are we all looking away? Im to nervouse to watch lol. 😁
  12. Dont mention the M4 corridor But seriously im happy with how things are heading ..
  13. Its amazing like a magnet pulls it home over the southern med. Can we not just move spain up next to Greenland for the winter? Promise were move it back intime for summer.
  14. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Looks great but is the PV anything to worry about? Only asking as im always hearing its a worry if it gets its act together. Thanks.