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  1. Looking at the current output, should I be concerend about the weather as I'm due to fly from Heathrow next Wednesday evening! Please say I have no need to worry lol.
  2. It was wall to wall sunshine here in Dunstable an hour ago, but there now looks to be something starting...
  3. Gone very dark here in Dunstable. Some echos just shown up close by, but in the office so can't hear anything with the music on.
  4. Think that's the one. It was mental. Constant thunder and lightining for ages and some of the heaviest rain I've ever seen. Crazy lol.
  5. Really hoping for a storm. Anything like the one in July 2015 (was a Friday also) would be great! That went on for about five hours. The best storm I've ever experienced
  6. Still coming down, not as heavy now though, but the sky is that wonderful orange colour
  7. Easily the most snow from this spell. The roads are pretty bad. Luckily for me I only live a 5 minute drive from work, so it only took me 20 minutes to get home....5 of those were stuck at the bottom of a slope wheelspinning with a bus behind me
  8. Coming down pretty heavy here. Roads are now a bit tricky, but not much traffic thankfully. Hoping everyone decided against it today lol.
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