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  1. What good weather? Hadn’t been great at all. Cloudy most of yest. Foggy since I got up this morn. Might be ok tomorrow. Back to normal Tuesday.
  2. Is'nt the point of watching each run to comment on that specific run if one would like 2. It does not necessarily mean i take each run as gospel. If you read my previous post you can clearly see that i stated things can obviously change quickly, which would imply that i don't read too much into each individual run. Anyhow i hope we all get what we are craving. Time will tell.
  3. Snowing heavy at mo outside Belfast 100M ASL. U may get lucky if the precipitation band stays together. Hang in guys.
  4. Where is the good weather !!! Been lashing down here for two hrs now!! Shocking.
  5. Personally and it's only a personal opinion but nobody can argue that this forecast doesnt change with the wind. How can u call a forecast accurate or professional if its a complete reversal of what it said 24hrs beforehand! Yes I know the weather changes but surely to god a 'professional organisation' with all there data and computers could muster a better forecast than the two given over the last 24hrs! Here's my forecast; NW to remain unsettled, cool and windy, England and Wales to remain warm settled and sunny! O hang on England and Wales to be unsettled,cool and windy, NW to remain wa
  6. Why o why do the met office even do this outlook. It just changes with the wind ! What's the point in even trying to go by this as weather outlook! If they are just going by the models on a day to day basis any idiot could do a outlook forecast ! Where's the personal input. Just a complete waste of time. Don't even get me started on their further ahead outlook! It's really professional!!!!! Lot of thinking and hard work put into that one !
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