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  1. Waiting to hear if ive got the job or not is doing my nut in, been staring at my email inbox all morning :/ lol

  2. Tevez puts his foot in it I see

  3. That went well. Will hear by tonight if I got the job fingers crossed :)

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Hope you get it Ben, where was the interview for?

    2. Dorsetbred


      Fingers crossed for you...

  4. Spent all day preparing for my job intervew tomorrow good nights sleep then ready to rock tomorrow wish me luck peeps

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    2. Alex95
    3. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Indeed good luck!



      One little tip,try not to call other football fans/clubs as SCUM,it will help you in your future.

  5. Preparing for my interview tomorrow. Anyone know any good general questions they might ask me?

    1. keithlucky


      Do some research on the firm.Why do you want to work for us.

  6. Spurs v Newcastle - great game so far

  7. We will re-take our rightful position come 6pm tomorrow

  8. Come on Liverpool!

  9. Good morning everybody!

  10. 2.5 weeks til i find out if im having a daughter or son, dont mind either way but kinda gearing towards having a little girl cuz girls love there daddies innit? :)

  11. Boil decided to burst... Reminded me of a scene from Night of the living dead lol

    1. Sprites
    2. Tilly


      yummy in a twisted kind of way lol

  12. Must have trekked through every part of Wythenshawe today lol, pick the kids up then its home time for a chill out session!! (well as much of a chill out as u can get with 2 little kids in the house lol) - weekend baby!!!

  13. Does it annoy you when doing the big shop and clueless idiots stand in the middle of the aisles nattering away blocking everything with trollys and prams? Gets my goat. Thank god that's done for another week lol

    1. Aaron


      YES. Thank god I'm not alone!

    2. Eugene


      Yes people are so selfish when shopping treating others like they dont exist

    3. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      agree, i would hate to think how people would act with a national crisis...

  14. Feel a million times better after my kip and glad Paulas feeling a little bit better too, looking forwards to the next few days. Getting my new suit tomorrow from Matalan and job assessment day on Thurs :)

  15. Rather proud of myself today. Got kids up, fed them, ironed clothed, got them washed and dressed for school and all before 8am. School run time!

    1. Spurry


      how do you iron kids ;-)

  16. Liverpool are so desperate to replace Andy Carroll that they've unveiled their new signing... a cat! (cue 40,000 scousers who want it for tea)

  17. Unlike previous years I didnt attempt to feign interest in the Superbowl and put it on only to fall asleep ten minutes in... didnt bother this year!

  18. Chelsea 3-3 Howard Webb. Oh well two points clear!


  20. Anyone got a spare ticket for today? My gf wants to come, willing to pay

  21. Starting to snow woop woop

  22. beddy byes, night all, cant wait to spend 2moz at city and evening with my gorgeous gf :)

  23. Hope City game doesnt get called off tomorrow, heavy snow predicted to hit from 2pm onwards, I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad, roll on summer

  24. Gunna be a good weekend methinks, whats not to like about beer, football, curry and the company of a good woman lol



      Sounds soooo Good..and in the right Order!!!

  25. Its that cold I've got frostbite of the I have a problem from sitting down lol

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