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  1. Scottish Borders January 1928

    Hi Mr Data, Many thanks for that swift and superb response, it's much appreciated. I'm researching a person who had a riding accident during a hunt on that day. An eyewitness report says that the horse 'floundered' just before a jump, causing the accident. The wet weather conditions tie in with a horse floundering in mud or a morass, rather than slipping in the ice or frost more usually associated with January in the first half of the 20th century. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I'd be grateful if anyone could advise me on whether it's possible to find out what the weather was like in the area around Melrose in the Scottish Borders on Thursday 19 January 1928? If that's too specific a location, something on the weather for Southern Scotland on that date would be of interest. Having looked at other threads on this forum I see that January 1928 was a particularly wet month, and I'd be interested to learn if this was also the case in the area and on the date I'm interested in, rather than being cold and frosty? Thanks in advance for any info or advice on where to look.