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  1. Just got to 9cm snow depth with the overnight showers. Can't see any more today but temps will drop like a stone later.
  2. 4 or 5cm so far. Not bad considering at 10 this morning it looked more like a washout than a whiteout. Bit more still to come looking at the radar.
  3. Heavy snow here for the past 2 hours but none sticking until now. Temp has dropped half a degree and cars, pavements and roofs turning white. Still a few hours of this to go too by the looks of things. Anyone north or east of here above 150m should soon be getting the same.
  4. Non stop moderate and heavy snow for hours. Massive drifts from snow blown off fields only 5 mins from here on Ashworth Rd. The road is under there somewhere. Must be getting on for a level 20cm everywhere.
  5. Wow. Where did that come from? Heavy, blowing snow. All footsteps from school run all covered in minutes.
  6. Let's not panic about snow showers getting over here. We've had several occasions this winter where NW or W winds with -7 or -8 850's have blown showers in and these have not only made it across the Pennines but in many cases have become more organised as they do. I'm sure it'll be the same but just in the opposite direction. In fact surely given the upcoming set up there is even more potential. We've done very well from similar situations in the past from the NE and E and this looks like being better still.
  7. Another day and another day with snow. I've not been counting but this must be around 30 days when snow has fallen this winter. Still got snow on the ground from Sunday so probably around 25 to 30 days where we've had some sort of settled snow. Not bad at all considering recent winters.
  8. Showers seem to lining up over us. Non stop for 40 mins or so. Two inches or so out there and looks like another 20 or 30 mins still to come.
  9. Getting interesting out there now. There was nowt much about only 45 mins ago. Now all covered in white and coming down heavy.
  10. Been steady up here for an hour and a half. No problems sticking with a bit of elevation.
  11. This might be a pleasant surprise. According to the met office app tomorrow afternoon is very interesting too. A cheeky starter before the main course. Who knows?
  12. Still coming down here fairly heavy. A beautiful winter scene out there. Not many been able to get out of the street this morning. Not a chance in my rear wheel drive transit. A rare event this. far more snow than expected. Just been out to shove a ruler in it and we have about 11cm on the wall outside. Getting deeper by approx. 2 to 3 cm an hour even now.
  13. Chillier than expected out there today. Especially so as these showers pass through. Temp was up around 4c twenty minutes ago but has dropped to 2c as the latest shower dropped its wet snow giving very temporary cover on grass.
  14. Four or five flashes of lightning with some thunder from a shower as it passed to the north of here a short while ago.
  15. Snow sticking and falling fairly steadily. Not a breath of wind so flakes coming down vertically. Pretty good cover for 45 mins snow.
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