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  1. Same here now: snow but not settling. You'll be fine up there as it looks from the radar as though it'll get heavier later. You always get more than us... was sliding all over the place when I took my daughter to Beacon on Weds morning!
  2. Same here in Groombridge. Drove up the hill to go to TW at 6.30 to find it snowing heavily. By the time I drove home an hour later there was a decent covering and it was still coming down. Got home to rain - only 3 miles away!
  3. Temp 3.9 degC Dewpoint -2.3 degC Just hoping for a nice dusting across Ashdown Forest for my run in in the morning. Failing that, a freeze-up so that I don't have to clean my shoes again!
  4. A good point with regard to the GFS dealing with blocked situations: why would they change it? Perhaps the performance of the model over the US mainland is more important to them (I wonder if there are verification stats, say, for each side of a line of longitude in mid-Atlantic), although would it not need to deal effectively with Pacific weather systems encountering high level blocking as well? I work with numerical structural modelling (finite element analysis, FEA), which follows essentially the same philosophy as NWP. You often find that different programs deal better with certain struc
  5. Cheers for the reply to my post. Off for a run with the club now. Bloody freezing out there - currently -7°C in Groombridge!

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