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  1. 240 chart looks exactly like Summersun (Gavin) profile picture or a previous one. He will be happy..
  2. 240 the high is edging West not South and that is that for the cold hunt
  3. I think it should move south soon as bring patchy Precipitation until atnleast midday tomorrow
  4. I will be looking for a slight west and south movement of the low tomorrow. Must be an unavoidable warm sector within the front or the front gets to far north.. The south west and warm sectors are like best friends normally.. Hoping for a big fall out this week!
  5. Most models are trending south but it seems challenging to keep the South west in an all snow event.. Really annoying
  6. Keepnit right there.. Euro4 is now my favourite model
  7. Here's hoping to see a massive south shift for the south west.. Nothing worse then to see snow to rain!
  8. Good chance of getting a below average month on the 1981-2010 scale
  9. Don't expect you want to be in the centre of the low though.. Looks good if your north of it..
  10. Quite liked the 120 UKMO until the 144h chart just see that low our west ruining the chances of getting anything towards Greenland sustained
  11. GFS has Thursdays low further south.. By quite abit actually! UKMO doesn't look great for the end of the week snow wise (Southern wise) but cold air may come in for a time behind it before the next Beast of a low arrives.. No end to this pattern for at least a week Doubt GFS would produce much Snow away from North England though an improvement by at least 50 miles South shift as a guess or more of the Low on Thursday..
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