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  1. Did Shepton get any Snow yesterday morning mate?
  2. Very heavy wet snow at about 4am Wednesday... Stuck on cars etc and again around 8am this time on grass etc
  3. Had a lovely dusting Wednesday morning as a warm up to the dump on Tuesday hopefully
  4. Lovely evening sunshine here.. Couldn't asked for much more other than a tad warmer
  5. GFS alot further east and quicker moving the high east. Could easily be a Scandi high but instead a BBQ fest in the end. So unrealistic to me to blow up the high covering the whole of Europe nearly that can't tell if a Scandi high or Euro is the signal here. HAHA Could easily be either before stating the obvious.
  6. Nice cold uppers on the UKMO this morning 144h has -8 covering the uk. -12 in Scotland
  7. Back for another season of ups and downs. Mullender83 location is ideal during marginal set ups due to his height above sea level as ever. Can the South West pull off a cracker? COME ON!
  8. The models have that 2011/2012 feel to them at the moment with a N.Wly very possible at times.. I'm sure this time in 2011 had a pattern not far off but far off at the same time, with high pressure to the w/s.w for long periods. Current reaction to the model output of late.. I think 2011 had cool zonality at this point, so totally different but a more of a reaction to the current model output with a N.W the best possible outcome at this present time. The ecm 12z at 240 shows to me the vortex making a slight adjustment towards the North pole.
  9. Hope this proves a point to newspapers. I never read the newspapers to do with weather... The output over the last 24 hours says it all....
  10. So James Madden must be thinking either an 1987 or 1962/1963 or he has completely missed the plot that 1962/1963 were one of the coldest winters on record
  11. Also 25 years is 1987 which is the year of the great Easterly spell... Just seemed odd why 100 years, when so much great cold happened afterwards...
  12. The big freeze will last until mid-December???? EVEN if you divide that by 2 is weeks away or so? Round about where the models go up to??? I might be wrong but anyhow
  13. I have noticed a trend with the express with it's 100 years talk... 100 winds, 100 years cold spell -15 temperatures... If you divide it all by 50% you get 50 mile per hour winds which is likely. 50 year temperature =1962/1963 and -7.5 up north tuesday night maybe??????
  14. Did someone say charts like this are the start of a C.W?
  15. Dave Kightley

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    SATURDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2012 <a href="http://globalcoolingnewiceageuk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/potential-for-some-of-coldest-and.html" style="color: rgb(170, 221, 153); text-decoration: initial; display: block; font-weight: bold;">Potential for some of the coldest and snowiest conditions in at least a century AT TIMES... There is also the potential for some of the coldest and snowiest conditions in at least a century AT TIMES to be recorded in the December to January period of the upcoming winter. The January period is also slightly more favorable to experience the worst of the winter conditions in terms of snowfall and temperatures. Snippet from snow risk dates and temperature forecast available (Produced and made available on 9th November 2012) @http://www.exactaweather.com/UK_Premium_Forecast.html