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  1. Not yet.. maybe the odd flake it's hard to tell but it's rain.. shocking really as it very cold out
  2. It were way below freezing but it's quite low ground so might now help.. very marginal again
  3. We might even see a flake in Exeter ... frost disappeared within 10 mins as soon as snow is close ... amazing
  4. Yea with the SSW even if things do go pear shaped still got more chances..when the Models get to grip with how the North Pole behaves after the SSW I doubt the models long term anywhere near correct in that part of the world yet
  5. The Pv seems to be gaining strength around Greenland in FI given the SSW I have my suspicions.. the fl that high pressure gets pushed around so easily.. I doubt it will look away close to how that run is
  6. The way that low behaves next weekend is far from done and dusted plus even the Monday still cold out given the crap later run... I wouldn't worry yet
  7. Very surprised Shaftesbury and Frome had heavy rain and there both quite high up but as it's Marginal doesn't mean it will 100 per cent snow.
  8. That low might go SE and become a slider? I don't think it is a problem
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