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  1. Did that system end up stalling further West? I'm sure this is the time the West Country got hit as I were like 7 at the time and this was the last time in about 10 years to see a decent fall
  2. Way things have gone, the UKMO and ECM are quite different at 144h so its bound to change... The UKMO has more of a shallow low so banking on that one!
  3. 144h as the low has been annoying me for days it ends upbringing Swly winds on the ECM
  4. I wonder if the UKMO would give a more a widespread snow event..
  5. Cracking GFS FL and the 500hpa charts at the end are something else too.. Pick where you want high pressure too its coming up from everywhere!
  6. Well in about 400h it may pay off. 216h that same feature is still there...
  7. That low is not moving... really annoying! Just stays to the west of us ruining it!.. likely to draw up milder air from the south west until it clears... move God damn it
  8. The low is alot shallower on the gfs 00z upto 132h and the block is about 20 per cent bigger too
  9. The models are really struggling as suspected with this.. It hard to make a forecast with whats on offer to us.. A low of 955 air pressure you would suspect is abit OTT
  10. As long as it goes under and draw in some colder air behind then oh well... GFS keeps it hanging around near Greenland for longer