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  1. Beast from the East, you gave us a feast. The blow from below, you delivered us snow. Ides of March, the death of Caesar, now bring spring a little nearer.
  2. There's a time to put your hands up & surrender. Water (that's liquid snow), is running off of every surface/roof now. They think it's all over.............................it is now.
  3. The thaw in Wool is underway. A steady stream of water from every icicle hanging over the porch.
  4. The snow & ice in Wool is still intact, so when cold rain hits a frozen surface, what happens next? Thaw?
  5. Snow radar shows the channel precipitation moving north into Dorset & Hampshire as snow, rather than rain. Whatever it is, this is probably the last hurrah to an amazing, weird even couple of days. I've had snow and ice many times before, but powder snow with an ice topping. I can't ever recall that.
  6. Just walked to the Spar, which was closed! Saw lightning flashes to the east, Hampshire way. Icy patches on the pavement where snow has blown away. Aw hell. Let's go back out in it & try the Black Bear. These days don't happen often!
  7. Magners, or Thatchers??? Either will do. Stuff the pork scratchings,or is that stuffed pork? I'm confusing myself now!
  8. Purely for the purpose of weather research, I'm going to walk to my local shop now & buy some beer. Nothing whatsoever to do with experiencing the current meteorological conditions.
  9. Whatever happens to the snow/graupel/sleet/freezing rain combo, or any other, it's been an amazingly different weather day down here. A kaleidescope of winter weather, in spring!
  10. I'll let myself down terribly now & say, I'm sure I would recognise you, but can't place you. Call in at the ground maintenance resource facility (Our garage) sometime.
  11. Sounds like someone is throwing dry rice against my windows. Guess that's freezing rain arriving, whilst we still have Met Office forecast for heavy snow.
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