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  1. i have a late start this morning so watching the lovely snow fall in newcastle......its taking the stress of work away . temp hovering around 0 and a wee breeze. everything is white .
  2. lucky day today for me.....working in Spennymoor Co Durham at 3pm on top of a hill with lightning bolts dancing all around me, Then this evening at home in Newcastle watching spiders of lightning dance across the sky with some ground bolts hitting the elevated rail line 400 yrds from my house. a happy happy chappy. sadly no pics as i was just happy watching and could not be arsed fafing about
  3. sastrugi

    2015 Virtual Storm Chase Thread

    snap was just about to post the same thing
  4. sastrugi

    Severe Atlantic storms February 2014

    well im off snowboarding this weekend just wondering where in Scotland to go ..... they are struggling to dig out the tows the top of cairngorm they are reporting 7/8 meters of snow