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  1. Wasn’t expecting much today but that front coming over from west still seems to have some punch to it and looks like snow. Whats people’s thoughts on this or will it be rain.
  2. It’s not all over yet as we all know end of Feb/March can deliver snow here but the prospects don’t look great. It’s been another frustrating winter after so much promis and great charts ssw etc it’s just not delivered anything really.
  3. Lovely snow showers now nice big thick flakes. Just a shame the wind direction is going to change. A day of this would have been brilliant. last shower incoming for this current cold snap. Will it be the last... who knows it don’t look great.
  4. Knowing that this sounds like the last chance for snow this year going off the models it’s extremely frustrating to miss heavy snow showers 2 miles east. It just seems yesterday they missed and now today just going to miss again. Whats that saying again bring on summer it’s less stressful lol.
  5. Yup another day for protential , another day to avoid my house.
  6. Finally propper snow non of this hail stuff. No thundersnow mind lol.
  7. Well now I know you feeling it’s rubbish lol. One of them 2” showers will do me.
  8. This runway of no showers all day has got me very angry lol.
  9. I hope they don’t because that means I will finally get a decent snow shower lol
  10. Never mind the thunder thats going to drop some snow down on them places. Good luck am not jealous in the slightest lol.
  11. Them showers look immense. AGAIN shame them red blobs are not near me.
  12. That looks like a good snow shower that one. Shame it misses us all on here. 😁 Looks to me like the wind is also changing direction?
  13. Radar seems to be coming alive. I am still just in the wrong location for these showers though which is a shame.
  14. Sky looks full of it now for the first time today...
  15. More Due to hit us soon as well. Hopefully wind has turned in our favour for tonight.