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  1. Some beefy showers today. Hail , Thunder lots of Rain.
  2. What a storm this is. Wow
  3. Coastal areas are like redcar are prime spot today. Enjoy the thunder and lightening I’ve been hearing it rumble on for the past hour.
  4. It’s still not done with us yet. Beats having to watch Love Island
  5. Yes it’s constant. Great stuff this to watch.
  6. Looks like a great storm coming in now. Can here in distance constant rumble of thunder and lightening. Half 10 ish looks very interesting with red burst of rain from radar.
  7. lets hope this cloud clears off tomorrow for the England BBQ's.
  8. What a difference it makes. Glad its not been like this for the past week!.
  9. Your right, its well and truly here now. We can complain a little when the rest of the country is basking in 30 degrees heat lol. As you say though its been great and looks like there is more nice weather on the way.
  10. I can see the dreaded sea fret coming in while i look out the office window..... Please no
  11. Good old met office with there warnings. They do it on purpose am sure of it lol.
  12. Just a shame the March sunshine is working fast. If we get these showers after dark though it will be fun.
  13. Nice blizzard here now. Much better snow than last time.
  14. Tonight will be fun as soon as sun goes down.
  15. Having just looked myself and your right. Some heavy snow symbols there now.