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  1. Well it was another very close but no cigar moment again. Am getting used to them where I live. There will be plenty more in winter no doubt. Hope the people out west have had a good show. Curtainly looked good.
  2. Some lovely lightening flashes out towards Darlington I can hear the thunder.
  3. Just depending on where abouts in Darlington. Couldn't be any closer lol.
  4. Couldn't be any closer lol. Shame as it looks great with the flashes in distance.
  5. It's a shame them storms are going to miss here they do look very good.
  6. Certainly looks like it’s going to get warmer but we will no doubt get sea fret and 10 degrees while south basks in 25 degrees.
  7. I agree, Its been like this all winter. Just let down after let down. Bring on summer.
  8. Scotland seem to be getting all the fun tonight. Looks great up there.
  9. The lightest ever snow is also falling here. Like you said, shame there isn't much on radar.
  10. Yet again we seem to be out of luck for the showers. There just south of us again. It's good to hear some warmer weather is on the way.
  11. Well we have rain here but not supprised. Not sure why there is warnings for snow.
  12. This years winter has been awful here. Ok I have seen snow falling but not once have I had the chance to roll a snow ball. That must be classed as a terrible winter. Bring on the sun and lightening like last year that was more fun.
  13. Same here just rain. Don't go in the Yorkshire thread it's depressing lol. Sooner this winter is over the better.
  14. Well at least we can say.... We have lived through the warmest winter on record
  15. Well that was another let down. Add it to the list. I cant see anything good coming of Friday but Rain Rain Rain.