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  1. Its going dark and its snowing. Very pleasant surprise. Cant see it amounting to much but very enjoyable to watch all the same. Its like waving a family member goodbye when they go away. lol.
  2. We have the lightest snow shower in history, you can actually follow the 1 flake falling from the sky lol. Its a start.
  3. Northing worse when you can look out to sea and see all the snow and then look west and see the sun. Sooo close.
  4. Stop it this suspense is killing me...... Could it just be one last hurray..... or first for TEESSIDE lol https://magicseaweed.com/Live-Scarborough-North-Bay-Webcam/27/ Looks great on these webcams. I still have a bad feeling NYM snap it all up.
  5. I think the suspense with this one is the fact it could quite possible be the last for winter who knows... But this system is moving soooo slow that it would dump snow down. I hope we all get a bit of fun but people of Newcastle please dont post your photos lol. 😆
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