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  1. Looks like Deal will struggle to get anything worthwhile, so if the snow wont come to me then I will go to the snow ?
  2. Snow evaporating before it gets to the ground here, not seen a flake even though the radar shows the showers hitting me ?
  3. Someone must have a scientific reason for it because quite often showers go around Deal
  4. Anyone got any idea why the met have the very far south-east out of the warning, Dover, Deal, Folkestone???
  5. Probably will miss Deal because we have a really powerful snow shield here ??
  6. The Met will not change there forecast because of one-run because they are more experienced than that
  7. Can I ask how you know more than the Met office, considering they have been predicting this for a few weeks now & have not backtracked once?
  8. Quite ballsy to bring the Blizard word up already for east Kent https://www.worldweatheronline.com/deal-weather/kent/gb.aspx?day=6
  9. Can't believe there has been so much doom & gloom in here, definitely with the Met warning of significant snow at long range, which I can't ever remember them doing before, so I am definitely inclined to believe they are pretty sure they have this nailed on, ❄❄?
  10. Just had a heavy grapple shower, turned everything white, hopefully a sign of better things to come ?
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